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  1. When I read things like this I really wish there was some cultural,societal,economic,and country background info. A posting like this seems preposterous and I wonder what the background factors are that might make this feasible or reasonable to “pop” up.

    This is all kinds of wrong.

  2. Congrats on the weight loss its really fucking awesome. Now I have one question about the people that insulted you. Are they overweight ? Cause that would literally explain all of this.

  3. I was on and off of my 6.5 relationship with my ex. It was abusive in many forms, and I felt stuck every time and thru the whole relationship. I finally broke up with him and I never felt better, and I 10000% know it was the best choice I could’ve made for myself. You will be ok.

  4. You seem to know very little about how young kids actually operate and you’re holding it against this 3-year-old. Please break up with him for his child’s sake.

  5. The definition of dating is subjective.

    But I do understand what you’re saying.

    Also just seeing that in another comment OP says the first year of their relationship was open and only the past 2 months they agreed to become monogamous.

    My comment was to defend OP with a look in mirror question. However after finding out OP has been in an open relationship with his partner for a year.

    No most relationships don’t start like that these days.

  6. This isn’t about blame anymore OP. This is about efficiently and safely getting divorced, the marriage isn’t worth saving and it’s highly unlikely that he would change even if he knew it was that or divorcing. Gather copies or originals of everything, I listed stuff in another post, saw some others do the same. Then see a lawyer and do whatever additional steps they recommend before breaking the news to anyone.

  7. You are making yourself miserable over this guy. You know that he is no good for you – he is self destructive and that always affects other people. Not to mention he treats you like shit always breaking up with you and then wanting to get back together. That is a horrible thing to do to a person.

    Also not to mention he has a substance abuse issue. That is not the kind of person you want to date, especially when you're 18!!

    You are wasting the best years of your life hanging onto this alcoholic pit of despair. You will be happier the sooner you distance yourself and cut all contact. You should be making new connections with emotionally stable people who treat you well, not wasting time trying to save this guy who treats you like shit.

    You have to look out for number one.


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