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  1. TRIGGER WARNING. Given the additional context that your son a) mixed pills and possibly overdosed on purpose (an unalive-ing attempt). And b) that your husband refused to call 911 possibly resulting in your son's death (and that you find that acceptable), I honestly can't say I disagree with your younger son being taken into a hopefully more stable and less abusive environment.

  2. I’m sure I’ll get downvoted, but family is much more important than your fiancé’s friends. Do what you need to do.

  3. Crying is about asserting control over the disagreement by appealing to pity, because obviously you’re an asshole if you continue to assert your position in the face of it so obviously upsetting poor little her.

    In other words, bald manipulation.

  4. 24F Girlfriend is mad at me 24M because I have not shown her all of me

    Get a colonoscopy and show here a different side of you.

  5. I don't see how this is an issue. She is on a team. She is changing with her teammates. That is all that is going on here.

  6. Do not sell your house for this very short term thinker. What type of future does she envision having with you? Do you eventually want a family with children? There is nothing better than having your own space you can do whatever you want with, apartments can be difficult with all the rules and neighbors and noise.

  7. It's probably a combination of things the fact that he's getting married and the fact that he didn't want to marry her. That happens to a lot of people. my husband was dating somebody before me and he told her many many times he would not marry her. He met me, broke up with her and we were engaged 4 months later. He'd been with his ex girlfriend for 3 years. Needless to say around number you ran into her cuz they were in the same friend Circle and she hated my guts which of course I didn't blame her for feeling that way. I've known this to happen to a few people. But obviously she still has some feelings or she wouldn't be this upset.

  8. Just rip the bandaid off. She gave you an ultimatum to overstep your boundaries. Really she gave an ultimatum for herself: die on this hill and leave you or respect your boundaries. She’s choosing to die on the hill.

  9. I’m sorry but nothing about this situation is normal, so it’s hard to give you advice on how to act normal other than don’t show them your feelings and go speak to a professional about it? Whether a rebound will help or not depends on how actually emotionally invested in him you are (sounds like – quite much).

  10. Snoring could lead to health problems. You ought to ask him to go to a doctor to have this addressed. You can search for the types of health problems to show him so he understands you concerns.

  11. I see a very thoughtful post about his feelings, but not yours.

    I think you really need to examine how all this is truly making you feel inside, and is this what you imagined for a good healthy relationship for you. While I understand wanting to be there for sone one else, you should not be setting yourself on fire to make him warm.

    I don't think you really need anyone here to point out that he is showing very clear and present signs that he got involved with you when he was far from ready to have a relationship with anyone. I won't say he wants her back, or even guess at the extent of his feelings for her, but there is feelings about her (could be love, hate, grief, regret, sadness, etc.) and his relationship that has neither been resolved or processed in a healthy manner. In a way, this makes you a rebound relationship as he isn't ready to be the boyfriend you want and need, and won't be until he is completely absolved and healed from that past relationship.

  12. Worst comes to worst. Marry her. Don't sleep with her. Don't share a house with her. Drop her at your parents' and make you get an apartment where she is not allowed. Your parents can take care of her and pay for her. Don't give her anything. Ignore her and act like you don't have a wife.

    Or you can tell your parents that because of her physical condition that she is not able to get pregnant and that the family line will die.

  13. But if it takes 5mins why can’t he I don’t enjoy doing it. Also last year he did literally all the chores and hardly complained let alone got mad at me so idk why it all the sudden changed with him not wanting to do anything for me. Like even if I ask him to grab me something while we’re in bed he tells me to get it myself.

  14. Your ex is just a person you used to know, you don't need to reach out, his life is none of your business anymore.

    Also, side note, don't be petty, there's no karma in the disappearance and possible death of an innocent kitten. If you're still taking any satisfaction in seeing him miserable, you should probably take a few more steps away from him.

  15. 10000% this, OP.

    She seems very able to enforce boundaries about consent and in conversations but she doesn’t seem particularly keen of respecting you, your boundaries and your feelings. For someone who’s been SA, she seems like she’s learned one or two moves from the victimizer. It’s all power games with her. Leave her and find someone who truly respects you.

  16. Please report everything you’re experiencing to HR. The work place should NEVER be an environment where you feel uncomfortable. Ever. If your coworkers are making you uncomfortable, report that too.


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