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  1. the test about doing crack would have ended it right there. You stated your issue before and this was weaponized at your expense. adding more stress to a difficult situation.

    I would restate my boundaries and let her know this is was unacceptable. At this point any jokes or gaslighting would be the end of this for me.

    Its your life, you deserve to be happy and a priority to your significant other.

  2. We are part of a belgian circle (mix of a fraternity and a sorority), I have been to her home and she has been to mine. This is not some live dating shit…

  3. I’m married to them. So I try my best. It’s not something crippling to my marriage, I’m just curious as to if anyone else has these fleeting thoughts.

  4. What does my post history have to do with it? Lol and ummm it wasn’t about the same guy. So reading my post history has nothing to do with this. I’m asking for help to see how I can get my name cleared which is the point people are missing. He didn’t just damage my things. My apartment too

  5. I grew up in Tampa, where every night out ends in a strip club. To me it is just another bar. I feel like everyone should know going to a strip club is a possibility for a bachelor party and should have been talked about before he left the house. But again, this is because they are so prevalent where I am from.

  6. Do not have another kid right now under these circumstances. The emotional blackmail and coercing through withholding of affection is not okay. Having a kid just to not be blackmailed and make your relationship better will not make it better. My parents had me late (my dad was 39, my mom 36) and I’m barely in my 20s and my dad just turned 60. How would you feel having an 18 year old at 60? I mean I moved out immediately because of my circumstances but if you’re not going to kick your child out as soon as they turn 18, you’re in for likely a few more years. I mean you’d be looking at retirement while also housing an adult child which is not always easy. You’re looking at winding down and enjoying your life as you get older and you’re still having that huge of a responsibility right in your face. That kid won’t even be 40 when you turn 80. Honestly, I’d recommend a couples counselor for something as heavy as this. No blackmail, no emotional manipulation to get a baby to make your relationship better – see a professional before even seriously considering having a baby right now. Then think about it together, and your answer doesn’t even have to be yes if you don’t want a kid. If you don’t want a kid, you don’t want a kid. That’s it. Your wife should not be manipulating you to get something she wants, especially with something as large and serious as this issue.

  7. I’m confused about why you’re replying to my comment with this. I certainly wasn’t drugged, this also happened alone in my own home when I was drinking with friends on one occasion. There is absolutely no chance that I was drugged every single time I had an experience like this – which was several times over about a reasonably short period before I decided I needed to kick drinking until I got a hold of my mental health.

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  9. I can understand the family one because the last time it was a false alarm but you never know till you get there yk? And I wouldn’t think of it as him sacrificing your mental state he’s not doing it on purpose, try to remind yourself that he loves you and right now he’s dealing with an emergency, obviously if this happens for weeks on end i would be concerned but I’ve been sick for a full week before so it’s believable, Ik your ocd makes it hard for you mentally in these situations and it’s good that you’re able to step back, I have no idea what it’s like so I can’t comment on that part but I feel like you’re doing alright, just remind yourself everything’s going to be ok

  10. Yes, that’s true. Maybe I am happy with our life, but not actually happy with him. Sometimes, but not all the time. He said he will make an effort but I am skeptical.

  11. You're not selfish, sounds like he just wanted to be the only one giving a gift of that theme so he can look like the better friend. That's what is selfish here.

  12. Why isn’t she paying for crap? Does she have a job? If she does, and you weren’t able to pay a bill like your phone— would she be willing to pay it for you? Relationships are a partnership where both people give 100, not one person give and one take

  13. It's pretty common for friends and colleagues to follow each other on social media. It sounds like you might just be feeling a bit insecure/paranoid but if its eating you up that much, just check his messages on his phone.

  14. I have severe jealousy issues, an insecurities, stemming from trauma and paranoia. My boyfriend knows this, and when I’m feeling a type of way we talk about it. Sometimes I have no valid reason to be jealous, because he genuinely is just be friendly or professionally nice. Sometimes it’s the girl getting too close, genuinely flirting or breaking boundaries, and I get to explain in a better way then “I just don’t trust it” because he listens, asks follow up questions, and never fully dismisses me or my emotions, no matter how just in my head the situation is.

    If he’s not already cheating, don’t be surprised when they get together the second you break up. Ask him how he’d feel if you did this, or continued to stomp all over his boundaries

  15. I appreciate your perspective. I didn’t think I was being too demanding as my partner has never told me. I understand and now I see that theres a major disconnect. Thank you.

  16. Hi everyone, I am going to give an update. I’m planning on confronting him tonight. We will see if I’m sleeping in my car. I understand a lot of people are asking why I have stayed with him. It’s because I was holding on to hope that he would change and stop hurting me. And the sad truth is, if this wouldn’t have happened I would have still put up with it. My heart is too big for my own good.

    I know it’s so dumb to believe someone would change. Trust me. But I just kept keeping that thought. He was supposed to be the one I settled down with. We were planning on building a house together and all kinds of stuff. This is just a horrible situation that I would never wish on anyone.

  17. True! I could change my name to Mark, and ALL I am going to be is a feminine woman with a male name.

  18. Dump. This is the beginning of him wanting you to feel bad for existing and having autonomy. No thanks. Pass.

  19. I'm unsure why you're asking me this question when I never said he spent $1,000 so he can fuck.

    I did say doing actions doesn't mean you care about someone when your words don't match. And I gave an example of how someone can go through what seems like considerate action without meaning it.

  20. So what I’m actually understanding is the issue is y’all need to figure out if LDR is going to work for you.

    Given how you guys tend to have a breakdown in communication, as this seems to be a pattern, then it sounds like so much is being misunderstood.

    I don’t think it’s constructive how she has said some of the things she’s said.

    Again, the root of the issue more so seems how you guys keep in touch with one another in LDR.

  21. I frankly would set a boundary with her ex. Nobody talks that much about somebody unless they still have feelings for them. Whether he treated her badly or not if she says that she still has romantic feelings for him.


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