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  1. Thanks man, appreciated. You are correct, the anxiety started before the breakup, and I've actually already gone to a doctor about that. I'm going to start therapy soon. And about the first part, that's so accurate. Nothing is as fun, and food isn't as good- I'm actually a skinny dude and eat a ton, but I lost my appetite completely and didn't even eat for the first 2 days of the breakup. Anyways, thanks for the help.

  2. You’re welcome. You know your partner more than any of us. Don’t let outside factors deter you from what seems to be a normal interaction between friends. I’d invite my friend to mine to wait out a ride had it happened to me. But if you are concerned, speak to your girlfriend about it… if it bothers you, then let her know that while you trust her implicitly, you’d prefer she didn’t take her male friends into her room ‘cause you don’t know them.

  3. You can't make it your goal to prove to him that you're not cheating. Because it's impossible to prove that, and because it won't solve the real problem. Either he trusts you, or he doesn't.

  4. You don’t want this to negatively affect your relationship.

    What relationship? She made other arrangements behind your back. It didn’t happen overnight either. You two had talked about it for a couple of weeks, went house hunting together and worked things out with the landlord. You only “found out” yesterday about her other plans? How did you find out? You are the one who had to ask her about it – she wasn’t planning to tell you at all. The time to have told you was when she changed her mind. She’s a horrible person for doing this. She didn’t want to disappoint you but she is perfectly willing to screw you over financially. Sorry, but you got played for a roof over her head until her friends were ready to get a place. She used you and abused you. There is no relationship.

  5. Hmmm…you probably should reconsider the marriage altogether.

    He has managed to convince you that he's saved up $$, but he hasn't. Do you know if he saved up any at all?

    No.1 cause of divorce (and spousal murder) is money, y'know…not saying that you'll end up divorcing, but that's a pretty HUGE deal you need to sort out b4 getting married to your partner.

  6. Thats good. My friend lives there, was married with kids to a narcissist & had a shit of a time. Was homeless.

  7. Yes, they are. One of my kids looks almost exactly like me and one looks more like her mother. She has my nose though and it's very different then her mother's nose so I know she's mine. ?

  8. Three choices: 1. Online the rest of your life like this. Every day, for years. 2. Force changes, give time limit (for yourself, not her or she will go back to her ways). 3. Leave.

  9. If the situation was reversed do you think she would help you? From what you have written here I very much doubt it.

    In your place I would delete that email and put that relationship firmly in the past.

  10. You’re right that typically, women gatekeep sex and men gatekeep commitment. But thanks to apps and other socio factors I won’t get into here, attractive women your age have tons of options in terms of men, and as a result, can afford to be way more picky and not feel pressured to lock down, or get locked down, by a guy.

    Does your general theory still hold water? Yes. But it’s less true than when I (44M) was in my 20’s.

    As for the gym thing, that’s something you should have thought about before you started spending time with her. I say that kindly. There’s a reason people try to keep their dating life separate from not just their work but also their hobbies. That being said, you can’t unring that bell with this particular woman, so you might as well plow forward and see if it goes anywhere.

    Good luck…and don’t overthink it.

  11. He knows what he’s doing. Your instinct about his “grown up” comment was correct be just back-tracked when you asked for clarification. I’ve also had co-workers touch me like in your examples and thorought my career and I handled it in different ways. The first is by simply avoiding standing close to the guy that would touch my knee- I stopped accepting rides when a bunch of us went to lunch. Another made a weird comment while I was on my knees. I can’t remember what I said to him but I went to my union and they changed where I cubicle was so I didn’t sit so close to his office.

    When it was lower level co-workers that had no effect on my career I would just raise my voice and say “don’t touch me!”, especially when they tried getting my attention while I was in my circle with my back towards them and they’d come from behind and poke my back.

    The most recent was a coworker that was touchy feely and would grab my shoulder when my back was towards them while in my cubicle. I got so fed up that I turned quickly, grabbed his wrist and told him to stopped touching me. I suffer from anxiety due to actions just like his and he was aggravating my anxiety. He stopped after that.

  12. So try and save the cleaning to his day off. The other days when you have time off then focus on your own hobbies (writing book or practicing music).

    If the house gets a bit messy and disorganized then learn to be fine with it. Keeping the house constantly clean and organized is probably giving your husband the impression that it’s just constantly clean with no effort. If you do his chores he’ll just default to you to do it. If you keep the house constantly clean he’ll think it’s the default state.


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