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  1. Not even remotely normal. Most states have marital r@pe laws on the books now. You don't stop being fully human with a right to consent when the ring goes on your finger. Please do not marry this person.

  2. If she doesn’t listen to your advices, just keep listening to her vent. Otherwise just tell her you don’t want to hear more about her toxic relationship and that you advised her.

    Can’t force someone out of a relationship that they adamantly want to be in.

  3. I have actually but hes only used it twice. I also bought us gym memberships and he only went a couple times and I continue alone. I've told him it would be fun to have a work out buddy and I try to be positive for him but he just won't budge. When the weather is nice he won't even go for walks or bike rides with me. He just complains the whole time if I do get him out of the house for any physical activity hhh

  4. Broo… read this back to yourself. “… if she’d be willing be out in public with my eye looking like it does…”. Is she doing you a favor? She doesn’t have to post pictures of every single second of her life. She doesn’t even have to post pictures of you (black eye or not). The fact that this is even a question is appalling.


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