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4 thoughts on “Fox December live webcams for YOU!

  1. He's telling me that it's my choice to leave the relationship or stay,

    Ok so what's the debate about here? He already broke up with you.

  2. To piggyback off what the guy above said…

    “start by deciding you deserve it”

    This is really important. From what you’ve said, you are focused on making your girlfriend happy. You’re even willing to consider an open relationship to make her happy. Why isn’t she as concerned about making you happy? Why is she ok with continuing to ask about the open relationship when your initial response wasn’t 100% excited agreement?

    Please open your eyes to the way that your girlfriend has treated you. Somehow, I don’t think this is the first time that she has put her own needs first. A good relationship will have a much more equal give and take. A partner who really cares about you will want to make you happy, and not want to hurt you through words or actions.

  3. I have told her to be her own person and make her own decisions. I had a breakdown in front of her one day because she was complaining about how hungry she was, then wouldn’t pick out anything from the 3 places I stopped but wouldn’t tell me what she wanted.

    With this whole attitude that she can’t do anything without me being involved, there’s not a lot of surprises from her side in our relationship. I’ve randomly popped up at her place on many occasions or gotten her gifts with no reason behind it, even though I don’t care much for material goods. She’s never surprised me for anything. I have 1 gift from her and it’s a admittedly clearance racked pair of sandals. Otherwise she gives me her art projects sometimes but it’s not like they were made just for me (besides one of them).


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