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  1. Sounds like you’ve just had bad luck in finding clean guys. I’d say about 30-40% of my guy friend group are pretty clean myself included. I usually clean the kitchen atleast half the week and help with my laundry among other things.

  2. I’m not saying she shouldn’t do it I’m asking people if this is normal behaviour I’m not being controlling at all she can post what she wants I think you took my post a little harshly

  3. He seems to think it’s a bad thing. It’s an accusation if it’s false and the other person is treating it like something to be ashamed of.

    Imagine if it was something less charged, like getting up for a snack. Imagine if anytime you got up to pee, or even rolled over and woke your partner up they said “did you just go get a snack??? What are you doing up?” There isn’t anything wrong with it if you did, but being constantly policed for it, especially when it’s untrue, would feel pretty bad.

    And it also speaks to weird underlying issues, since he clearly thinks it’s bad and assumes she must be doing it a lot.

  4. You're young…. but your time, your youth is finite, don't waste more time then you have to with anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself.

  5. Just get them altered somewhere else

    Maybe he was thinking he was doing you a favor by giving you your first project

    I also mentioned that I‘m interested in sewing and my husband immediately said: cool then you can sew me my work shirts I was like wtf?

    When you look closely how they are made.. definitely way out of my league.

    I think they just don‘t have a clue how much it is to pull off something like that.

  6. Lol. You dated bad boys and after they pumped you and dumped you you now want a nice guy. Lol lol lol. The karma is real. Gold digger.

  7. Did you discuss him with her. She might have figured she wanted a test run as well.

    To him she’s just another girl. But she’s your friend who knew about the set up and could have slept with anyone else but the guy you’re hooking up with.

  8. Video games are great as a hobby but there has to be a limit. Relationships should not be affected by video games and him not leaving the house much is a huge problem. Video game addiction is a thing. I would tell him that if he doesn’t reduce the amount of time he is gaming, then you will leave. If he doesn’t at least try to reduce his gaming longterm (not just for a couple days), then he doesn’t care enough about you.

    If you want to continue dating him and he doesn’t change, then you should consider contacting his friends or family and letting them know about his addiction. They will hopefully intervene and help you convince him. It’s not healthy to play video games all day every day. You deserve better and if he doesn’t realize this, then you should leave.

  9. I'm so sorry. This is not even close to normal and shows that she has no problem overstepping all the boundaries and your bf doesn't know how to say no to her.

  10. OP should speak to the breeder or rescue first. If they are an ethical breeder or rescue they will take their dog back.

  11. Bartenders are always professionally nice to everyone – they get tipped.

    Don't mistake a professional behavior for personal liking. Repeat customers are the best clients.

  12. You’ve been with her for 5 years? (taken from your reply) and she barely knows your mom? There is a deeper issue here than just this chip ceremony. At first I was on your side but after seeing you’ve been with her for half a decade now I’m on her side and questioning the whole relationship.

  13. Because monogamy is the arrangement they agreed to. Her wanting to change that arrangement can be a dealbreaker. I wouldn’t want to be with someone who even wanted to try an open relationship.

  14. If he can’t get the money back and doesn’t want to waste it, HE could get some big titties on his own damn chest and play with them as much as he likes.

  15. And she got super pissed and defensive because she thinks I don’t trust her.

    You don't trust her.

    Answer us this: What is your reasoning to go through her snapchat? Where is your desire coming from?

  16. He's 25, been married almost 5 years, I assumed you dated for a while before the wedding and you're wife #2?

  17. Reddit woke up feeling prude today. I’m a male and I would love it if my wife did this. I can’t imagine my wife trying to be sexy for me and making her feel bad about it. The bedroom is the perfect place because you have that privacy. Team wall.

  18. Honestly it just sounds like he’s belittling you and your family’s taste in vacations (which is still expensive and above average in terms of what the average person could comfortably afford). If he never wants to step foot in the carribean that’s not really someone you can reason with. Just go on the vacation with him and maybe ask him to consider therapy or smth

  19. I read another thread on this topic the other day, where they were discussing about couples being together for a long time not having much to talk about – I figured my girlfriend and I are just kinda at that stage.

    It's been 2.5 years. Do you really think that's the kind of “long time” other people were referring to?

    If you can't have meaningful conversations with your girlfriend just 2.5 years into the relationship, what do you think the remaining 80 years might be like if you stay together?

  20. You have a choice to be angry and resentful for the next 18 years or you can try to gracefully accept what is. Be creative, be strong. Don’t be weak.

  21. Thanks – i try to be easy going about being friends with the opposite gender, but I think this went too far. I’m trying to figure out if the emotional cheating in isolation is bad too

  22. Do you hurt? Are you confused? Does any of this feel good? Has it happened before? Will it likely happen again? Can you take this for a day? A week? Can you take it for a year? How about the rest of your life?

  23. Just tryina keep the same relationship we had. Getting teased at work and random talks; idk what to say man. I just liked her the way she was I mean all cheered up everytime. I didn’t give notice bc I had no choice. I don’t know what to do though bc I was sad leaving and her reaction made it even worse.

  24. You can never compromise on children. If both of you are enthusiastically wanting children – have them. If one of you has doubts – don't.

  25. No one would want to be in a relationship where they feel like they are walking on egg shells. You have a right to your feelings about his thoughts and beliefs and statements, but it also sounds like it just be stressful for both of you with you feeling triggered by outdated sense of humor/beliefs and him feeling like at any moment he’s going to be chastised.

  26. Okay so he really doesn’t care about her. He says you are gonna rip his family apart and never let him have fun ?? WTF cheating on your wife with hookers is fun. No protection at all ?? He doesn’t even like or respect his wife at all. No thoughts to her at all. And he came home acting weird – he didn’t even know he had something yet- he seems like he is up to other things – You think he would over compensate for cheating by hugging her and stuff but he acted standoffish. ?? And he has been acting off since – I mean she has to know he did something- What is she saying about it all. I think the sooner you tell her the better. Her blood pressure is probably high already.

  27. Are you mentally unstable ? Seems like you are beurting out and recafing with feelings with zero logic. Cus I asked you simple questions, you wanted to get offended you didn't have a good answer to them, that's your problem.

    I hope you actually be productive and not ride the imaginary d*ck of those who will never notice you (: good luck with that ~

  28. It could be that you're not at a right moment in your life for a relationship right now.

    But, if you want to stay with him, talk about it! Maybe you guys can find ways to hang out more and deepen your relationship. Do you feel valued by him as a girlfriend? See what you can work on together and individually, since I imagine it's not easy getting over being cheated on.

  29. How about leave him the fuck alone? He doesn’t owe you anything, certainly not anything like wishing you and her happiness. there’s nothing you can do to repay him for what you’ve done to him.

    Although it would be funny to see the man he’s turned into turn up at to your wedding in his dress uniform.

  30. TO GF : After reading the update I just pity you. You had a partner that worked to build you up and you tossed him aside to go back to being controlled by your family. Your father knew what he was doing, forcing you to choose, and sadly you chose the abusive asshole you know over the prospect of a life without violent ultimatums. Your family is going to continue to control you like this for as long as you let them. Running away from things is just going to make you sad and angry after your family force you to marry who they wish and do what they wish for the rest of your days.

    To BF: I’m so sorry you had to go thru all this and had your heart torn out. She clearly wasn’t ready to be your partner. You deserve better than to have your life shackled to such awful bitter hateful people. This is going to suck for a long while and she may one day realize her mistakes, but you need to move on and find happiness for yourself.

  31. No I don’t think you should tell him. If he’s a co worker it could get out to others and if it ends in a messy way he will use the info against you.

    I’m always more on the side that you don’t have to disclose your history to anyone, even if you are dating them (unless it has the ability to impact them in some way, like an sti). It baffles me when ppl think they are entitled to know how many partners you have had previously etc etc. That is your business and they have no right to the info. If they get pissy about you not disclosing, they have the option to leave

  32. I had to scroll up half way thru your story to catch his age. Just no. You already see the future and the party would start the day he gets the keys.

  33. As someone who has twins I can say that the exhaustion of pregnancy compounds the exhaustion after they're born and you never really get back to normal. She's tired and probably touched out by the end of the day. It's always someone else's needs being met, and it gets to be a lot.

  34. This is 100% their dysfunction. Your sister is a cheater, a backstabber and an awful human being, and if the man she betrayed you with turned out to be a POS, maybe she shouldn't shop for men who cheat with their girlfriend's sister. It may be that he's a systematic abuser who was planning on waiting on you being married and having kids before he hit you. It's also possible that he's not a systematic abuser, but an abuser who feels justified in retaliating against certain types/levels of slights physically. Not every abuser is going through a step by step process to make a vulnerable victim. Some abusers have significant impulse/anger issues, and just lash out whenever they get upset, without putting a lot of planning or thought into it. Some abusers may believe that things like cheating or stealing or cursing them out warrant them hitting a partner, and a partner who never cheated, stole or cursed at them may not have ever been hit by them despite them having the capacity to be abusive.

    You don't owe them shit. Your parents are garbage parents for making this your fault, and for pretending you sister has any right to be mad at you for anything regarding the man she betrayed you with. Here's a newsflash- you ARE a better person than your sister. That doesn't mean she deserves to be hit, but you absolutely are a better human being. Better than your parents too. If garbage people want to cut you off because it's the only way they can pretend it's someone else's fault they're facing the consequences of being garbage people, there's nothing you can do about it, and also nothing lost.

    I would send your mother one final message. Tell her she's disgusting, and an idiot, for trying to make this your fault. Tell her that just because she's too stupid to understand the multiple explanations for why you wouldn't know about his abusive tendencies doesn't make them any less valid or her any less disgusting. Tell her your sister doesn't deserve to be hit, but you absolutely are a better person that a woman who makes out with her sister's boyfriend, and if she wants a husband who's not a piece of trash, maybe she should stop being a piece of trash in the way she acquires them. Tell your mother that all of them owe you a huge apology, and if she's too stupid and too morally bereft to see that, then you're better off without any of them in your life.

  35. You'll need to sit down and let him know how he projected himself to you, and highlight why it's a problem and why it cannot be a thing in future.

    His response and actions will determine whether you stay in the relationship or leave.

  36. Yeah no. The disrespect is coming from you and the disrespect you are showing her when you feel entitled to controlling her. If the things you do for her are conditional, then what you want is dependency and control, and that is toxic af.

  37. Hahaha the video shows on tecent and you believe her when she said it was from her college years?


  38. You don't solve it. It's not a problem. If she can't understand that it's not a good idea to offer to pay if you don't have the means then she's learned something the very hot way.

  39. You’re both idiots for physically fighting each other over a microphone. Break up before one of you does something even worse.

  40. She likes the attention. If wife goes file for divorce. Go to surviving it helped me with a cheating wife. It has great tips to detect cheating. Check phone and social media they may be secretly talking. Look for a 2nd phone. A 2nd phone is standard for cheating

  41. Just spit balling here, you could always tell him “i was talking to my parents about my memories about Russia when I was really little and they laughed at me! I thought I was born there and moved to the US when I was 4. Turns out I fabricated it all in my head! What do I do??” Although this does open up the possibility of discussing it with your parents at some point…

    Honesty is the best policy ?

  42. Let’s ask some money and lifestyle questions… How much do you each make and how do you split bills? How do you divide the tasks of sharing a home? Do you live! in a hug cost of living area? Do you want to own your own home? Are both of you saving towards the future and retirement? How much fun money do each of you have? Are you striving for a sound financial future and are you working towards goals for that? What is he doing?

  43. You’ve only been together for seven months. It is entirely reasonable that you don’t feel comfortable sharing something so deeply traumatic at this stage of your relationship.

  44. Dude you're painting an entire gender with the same brush based on the experiences you've had in your own social group and its not cool. I know one long term female friend that did coke decades ago as a teen. Out of the other ~10 close female friends I have, not one of them has done it including myself.

    You are the company you keep in that you are socializing with people who enjoy drugs. It's not judgment but not EVERYONE does it the way you claim. Most people are NOT snorting coke off a girls breasts. You are hanging out with people that do drugs. If you don't like it, stop silently judging them and meet new people elsewhere. Wherever you have met these friends and girls is probably not where you should be looking for companionship because it doesn't lime up with your values.

  45. Whether he likes her or not is irrelevant, he’s using her to wind you up and mess with your head. Stop allowing this. Tell him to grow up or get out. If anyone needs a therapist it’s him, not you.

  46. Oh, it's by choice. I kicked my last girlfriend out because she wasn't pulling her weight. I don't need a relationship. I enjoy them. But, I also enjoy being single. It's a lot cheaper, more peaceful, and I have no fuss. I'm not desperate to find anyone. And, if I do find someone then the only way I keep her around is if we align on matters of importance.

    The less fucks you give in life the more content you generally are. This is something you don't learn until you've had some life-experience.

  47. I would hate for my child to grow up in a broken household or have to deal with separated/divorced parents.

    Right after we got married, my husband began having conversations with me about not being able to have sex if I ever got pregnant, and how we could work around his sex drive. He suggested that I allow him to sleep with other women if my body took longer to heal, or if my sex drive was out of wack due to the pregnancy. These conversations were frequent,

    Shouldn't have stayed married to him. Men willing to frequently disrespect their wives shouldn't be husbands. And you should have had more respect for yourself. He's telling you what he's GOING to do, despite your discomfort. Does that sound like a loving husband?

  48. Yes, but even in thosoe few states that have common law marriage, you need to do several specific things, like telling people you are married, filing taxes as married, etc. Its not a case of “you lived together? Gothcha! You are married”

  49. My father was always an awful person, he was amazing at his job but as a parent and husband he was slacking. It’s a been a year now, out of 20 that he’s finally realized he needs to change. He’s improved a lot, and he’s no longer an awful person.

    However, my mom should have left him, just as your husband should have left you. I’ll tell you what I told my mom, though. Make the most of it, what he did is unforgivable, and there will be scars, but if you love him and he loves you, just move on and replace those memories the best you can.

    Be a good person to your husband. He should have left you, but he didn’t. Keep that in mind next time you might end up relapsing.

  50. So she doesn’t want to argue or hear me explain my side but she also doesn’t want me to end the argument just to make her happy she wants me to believe she’s right not just let her have it but she doesn’t want to do any of the talking required to get me to the point where I understand if she is or isn’t.

    This is a superb way to breed resentment and ultimately ruin y'all's relationship.

    90% of the time after we’ve had some space she realizes she was actually wrong

    So she's aware she's wrong 90% of the time, but still doesn't let you tell her your part during arguments. Real healthy.

    Tell her to fight fair or shut the fuck up. I can't imagine how annoying it is for you to have to sit through 3 hour fights knowing you're right and she's wrong.


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