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  1. I feel like this is my life minus a few details . So what would you want to tell your person to make you happy ? If you could change things he does what would it be . I definitely don't want to be this kind of man buy I feel like I have become something similar .

  2. You are never going to find your self confidence if you stay with a man who constantly tells you that you’re not good enough yet. Yet? He is an ass, you deserve better.

  3. then break up. you dont have to deal with her and since she earns more than you, she can get her own car. you hate her for not having the complete details of the past.

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  5. Do you really not worry about him being attracted to teenagers and dumping you once you “age out”? It's abnormal and gross and pathetic on his part.

  6. He’s too old to be acting like this, I had the same issue as a teen/early 20s with my ex. It’s only been 8 months and you’re constantly fighting, best to cut and run now – you know you want to, it’s nude but you can do it

  7. Your preferences changed while you were actively dating him… now you expect him to fulfill that image for you.

    You accepted him in the beginning, but now you're rejecting him because you changed.

    You should stop… This has a bigger impact than you think:

    I just say, “You’re so thin.” He recently admitted to me multiple times that he was getting insecure about the things that I’m saying about his body but I just couldn’t stop.

    He is telling you that you're emotionally hurting him by those comments. And you keep driving the point home. These type of things have lasting affects on people. After you break up, he will always view himself as this skinny, not good enough, need to be tough and rugged to have love, kind of guy.

    Shit like this is how you mess people up.

  8. I do believe most people here are being kind and have good intentions. You can see from how I reply to different people. There are definitely some who simply do not care, and just want to make my day worse hahaha but it's maybe only a tenth of them.

    You definitely care and I really really appreciate it. I'm lucky to have a strong supportive majority here, so thank you!

  9. You have to understand that you liking them isn’t enough. Clearly. So when you keep saying “but I like them, so the problem will now go away!” it’s not working.

    Therapy for her, yes. But I’m also going to say, unlike probably many on here, that if she wants to get them surgically altered, it might significantly improve her life in a way that absolutely nothing else could. I have never had plastic surgery. But my best friend in the world, in her late 40s, got her boobs done. And she is so unbelievably happy. It’s unreal. It was 100% the right thing for her to do. I honestly don’t think a thousand years of therapy could improve what her brain sees in the mirror. And it was her choice. I supported and respected it.

    Look, women deal with a cesspool of body image problems because our entire society tells us that everything about us is deformed. There is more than one way to help, and I’m asking you to be open-minded.

  10. She works from 6 PM to 3 AM. It is clear something has to change. She should use her non working hours to look for a job that will not stress her out. Keep the current job until she actually finds a new one. You can support her by helping her search for that new job. Just knowing you are there for her should help a lot.

    There are many job search tool on the internet. Look at employment agencies and head hunters.

  11. So you want to put yourself into a position where you make the same mistake your ex made 4 years ago?

    Closure doesn't come from other people. It comes from within yourself. You're lying to yourself and your current relationship if you think meeting with your ex will achieve anything good.

    Your husband is being generous in his patience, truthfully he hates the idea of you meeting with someone you still see as the “love of your life”. And given that you already forgave him and aren't holding any ill will towards this guy tells me you wouldn't mind if something more other than just meeting up were to happen.

    This is a very bad idea. And if you truly love your husband, you'll ultimately decide against meeting up with your ex and ask him to never contact you again.

  12. It's his fault after what you put him through. You had your chance but decided to dance, flirt, and sleep with other people while he wanted to be with you. Wait, you are right it's his fault for staying with you after all that, but at least he was honest with you about waiting to meet someone else, and now he is probably treating you the same you use to treat him.

  13. really weird to be saying these things to you when she started dating you when you were still a teenager

  14. You’re 19 and he’s 28. 95% of the time this is a relationship that won’t last due to the differences in maturity.

    He’s not your forever guy, let him go.

  15. To me this post screams insecurities. Why are you going through his YouTube history?

    You think he's beating off to YouTube? You know Google suggests stuff right?

  16. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    So yesterday I was looking at my bank balance when I noticed a payment of £40 was missing from my account from a on-line payment I had not made. I informed my boyfriend to see if he knew what it was and we found out it was from a site he joined months ago where it is free to join for 3 months but after those 3 months it is £40 a year. I remembered his card did not work for the site so he asked to use mine and said he would cancel it before the 3 months were up so I would not be charged. However he forgot and I have been charged. I got upset about this and asked for him to pay me back and he said he is not paying me back because it’s my fault for not reminding him to cancel it even though I did multiple times. I got upset as I’m a student so I don’t work and only have £40 a week to on-line off so techically I have 0 money this week for shopping or anything I need. He just kept telling me to stop being so dramatic and said it’s only £40 it’s not a big deal. I started crying and panicking how I was going to afford any food this week and because I know I’m low on personal products I need then he finally said he would give me half of it but not the full amount. He transferred me 20 but said I’m a brat and act like a child. I feel like he should pay me the full amount! Who is in the right?

  17. He's already been through therapy and his therapist basically gave him the “OK”, said he was fine and didn't really need it anymore. He refuses therapy now because of that, no matter what I have to say about it.


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