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  1. i love this response and it’s great that you’re sharing this feedback. op, i think there is some great advice here, but just to toss my idea out of what i would do next- i would sit down and have a conversation about counseling. if that isn’t well received, i would suggest he moves out for a week and at the end of that week you guys decide what you want to do. i’ve been there, my partner didn’t cheat, but he was emotionally done with our marriage. while the space didn’t work for me, it at least gave me an opportunity to understand we didn’t have a future together. good luck to you, i am so sorry you are going through this, especially around the holidays. reach out if you need anyone.

  2. I’ve been paying child support for about ten years now and I’m here to tell you, that is not how it works. You send the money over the fence, maybe it supports the child, maybe it pays for Gucci. Who tf knows. Good luck.

  3. Imagine if the test is true and the sister tries to make a move… That would be sooo akward. How can you continue seeing the sister even if they tell you it was a test?

    Pass immediatly and go with your friend. Better safe and comfortable than sorry.

  4. Take your time. Are you able to spend your holidays without her? The problem is you are together with a cheater. She chose to do so and will likely choose to do it again. Can you online with that? Not important that she promises to never do it again. She did and didn’t tell you. So why not doing it again? Are you her security blanket? Stop sleeping with her cause I’m order to keep you she might get pregnant. Choose wisely. You could buy her out of the contract.

  5. Oh, hang on a minute. The hand soap hasn't been refilled‽ Is this a “wiping your own ass is gay” type of thing? Because the presence of poop is not one of those thing you can really deny for very long. I'd be done purely on the hand washing thing alone.

  6. You are assuming that Angel's reason for going NC were minor. You don't know that for sure. Stay out of it and keep your word.

  7. You admit there were no rules or guidelines set up for either of you and for all she knew, you might decide NOT to get back together. This is why you don't, “take breaks,” if you actually want to continue a relationship.

  8. This man don't love you. He can't even let you sleep and gets mad that you are sleeping? You think it's bad now, it's only going to get worse. Stop wasting your time and youth, tbh being alone is ordinal better than being with someone like him.

  9. I'm very sorry, that you had to go through this. No one deserves this.

    Cheating is something you can come back from – with tons of therapy and both parties willing to put in the work. But this? He proved that he doesn't trust you at all and even demanded a paternity test. I can't see how you can come back from that. You will never trust your husband again. You can heal your relationship enough to be good co-parents. But I really don't see how this relationship can be something other than that. You have some difficult decisions to make.

  10. If your thought process was “I'm angry at my partner so I don't feel like putting effort into cooking for them today,” it would be fine. But the fact that you want to punish them is a problem. Intentionally upsetting your partner isn't a healthy part of any relationship.

  11. You are overreacting or not understanding the point of giving the fake number.

    As a woman I can attest to men being persistent even if you have a partner. Heck even if you say you're gay. It's easier to say yes I'm interested too, share a fake number and hope to never run into them again.

    I'll also add, some men being persistent is an understatement. If they feel rejection coming or that you're dismissing their advances, they corner you and get aggressive. I've had this experience 4 times and now I can tell you it is safer for her to give a fake number.

  12. She had to move out of her place because her ex wanted to sell the house. But she found a new place and suppose to move in this month.

  13. My bf and I did this last year. He just straight up told me he would like to see me in sexier stuff, and we went shopping. It was great, even though I felt a little self conscious at first.

    And then I knew what he liked so I could buy some on my own if I wanted. I even separated my panty drawer into “for him” and “shit he'll never see”. ?

  14. You're overthinking this. He wants you to move in with him, and was honest enough to let you know it also makes him nervous because it is an important step in the relationship.

    Yes, he mentioned finances because his thinking is more logic-based and yours is more emotionally-based. But once you pressed him about his feelings, he was able to successfully switch gears and give you an answer that was thoughtful and genuine. As long as you are not moving in with him for financial reasons only, everything is fine.

  15. Imagine being born to a mother who never wanted you, and who genuinely does not want to bond with you, only to discover that you were a simple bandaid so mommy could keep fucking daddy and stay with him. You can absolutely never have kids with her. She is just saying whatever she thinks you want to hear. She will not want anything to do with the kid, and she will resent having them.

    Either you stay with her without kids, or you find a compatible partner to have kids with.

  16. I know, Im amazed by the fact that she told me… which is a good sign right? But it was pretty recently, it was like … 6 months before we started dating. So she was also freshly out of her last relationship.

    So she basically cheated according to her because after several years in a relationship she was in, she felt completely alienated from her boyfriend, and she found someone who was giving her the attention and feeling of desirability she wanted. She actually cheated twice with two different people…

    Because of the recentness of it, its nude to feel shes worked through it. Its triggering my like personal betrayal trauma pretty seriously. Basically Im having trouble sleeping right now because im obsessing over these feelings so much, and Im trying to not put it on her much and just dealing with it.. but its come to a head a couple times that I break down and cry and we talked about it. A part of my brain is screaming at me right now, go through her messages and phone and look for dirt… and a part of me is like just end it because if my brain is already going here then its gonna be a hard time… and then my fighter brain is like hell no, im gonna fight my own fears and give her a chance, but my fears are kicking my ass right now.

  17. I have told online matches (from dating sites) to piss off because they hated cats. I have an orange chonk and I wouldn't ever consider letting him go.

    If anyone hates cats, it's a red flag to me. Owning cats and still hating them? That's a new one on me. He's treating her cat like a step-child. A step-child he doesn't like.

  18. Jesus, sonny, was that ever an infodump. I truly tried to read and advise but it was at least 4 times too long.

    You need to become more aware of the social challenges of autism. Until that happens, you can't be a good partner to anyone (except possibly, someone with a similar personality). Distancing or shutting down conversations about feelings leaves a non-autstic partner feeling detached and lonely. Similarly, an infodump when you're asking for help shows little empathy or respect for your reader or audience. Finally, it's normal for a partner to want your company on social outings, so even though you may prefer staying home, you should try to satisfy that need.

    Keep working with your therapist on these kinds of things. I do think you'll get it in the end, but you still have a lot of learning to do. Good luck.

  19. Especially when it’s not a snoozefest at all. She puts on a fantastic show and there are quite a few professional athletes that have gone to this tour specifically praising her for how great it was, even as casual listeners or less. She performs for just over 3 hours with no breaks!

  20. I understand why you feel hurt and betrayed. I imagine it feels like a real slap in the face that she’s ‘moved on’ so quickly. I’ve been there.

    However, the best thing you can do is turn away and ignore.

    Get some space. Don’t engage with her. Remove her from social media. Tell your friends that you don’t want to hear about what she’s up to.

    I know how nude that will be. It’s hard to become so separate to someone whose life was entwined with yours. However, it’s for the best that you get and maintain distance.

    It may be freeing for you to consider that what she does is none of your business nor your problem. What you do is none of her business.

    I know it hurts right now, but it won’t always hurt this much. One day you will wake up and you will feel less sad. It will take time, but this pain will eventually go away.


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