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  1. Listen. OP. My boyfriend is a burly dude who is stronger than most people I know. He killed people while fighting in the war in Iraq with the Army. He can use a gun better than anyone I know. He knows how to make lethally poisonous compounds through his time in Special Operations. And he is the most gentle loving partner I have ever bad. Your husband is not exactly innocent in his choices with you. He might be making light of his clumsy tendencies but he shouldn’t be hurting you all the time. Don’t feel bad about telling him what you think. He can’t throw you around like a ragdoll any longer.

  2. There are many ways to accept an apology, and the best approach will depend on the specific situation and the relationship between the person who is apologizing and the person who is accepting the apology. Here are a few possible alternatives to saying “it's okay”:

    “Thank you for apologizing.” This response acknowledges the apology and shows gratitude for the effort the other person made to say they are sorry. “I appreciate your apology.” This response shows that you recognize the value of the apology and the other person's willingness to take responsibility for their actions. “I forgive you.” This response explicitly forgives the other person for what they did, which can be a powerful way to move forward and let go of any resentment or anger. “I understand why you did it.” This response shows that you are willing to see things from the other person's perspective and try to understand their motivations. “Let's move on.” This response indicates that you are ready to put the incident behind you and focus on the future. It's important to remember that accepting an apology does not necessarily mean that you condone the other person's actions or that you think what they did was okay. You can accept an apology without excusing the behavior, and it's often helpful to make this clear in your response. For example, you might say something like, “I accept your apology, but I want you to know that what you did was not okay and I hope you will take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.”

  3. Just a heads up your body will change at every phase of your life. There is no such thing as the ideal body, just the body you build.

  4. Maybe she wants a bit more attention? Try date night or something? It may not have everything to do with the meds but she’s using them as a scapegoat to argue with you about a lack of attention.

  5. Yeah this just screams fake.

    There are a couple of things that really give it away, like the clothes from the mother being given to the new wife. 1 year olds don't understand anything about anything. There's no chance in hell they'd remember CLOTHES their mother was wearing when they were 1 year old, so giving them to the new mother doesn't make sense at all. The issue of wife's relatives is another big thing too, but this one could be brushed off by claiming she was always alone or something maybe. Similar names and incredibly similar looks are just another lucky coincidences that go too far.

    Just to entertain the idea though…the father's actions towards the kid aren't some horrible evil. Some people choose to lie to children about such tragedies to shield them. It's easy to say that honesty is always the way to go, but telling your small child their mom died in horrible torment is something that might scar them for life. I wouldn't judge anyone for doing this kind of thing and I hope I never have to make the same choice in my own life.

    If this was a true story, the only objectively wrong part would be the alleged lying to OP and only marrying her for the purpose of replacing the mother while not being in love with her. But that is only assuming the husband didn't really love her, which doesn't necessarily have to be true either. I don't think it would be so out of the realm of possibility that his next wife is very similar to his previous one. I mean people have physical features they are attracted to.

  6. I just came to comments to see how many non medical experts and people without the equipment they suggest modifying suggest vasectomies. The suggestion is so ridiculous.

  7. That’s good, I was worried about abuse. She may be really insecure but just all the little pieces would make me worry. I guess the best thing is just keep your the calls even is she tries to be annoying. That way she can’t isolate him. Maybe one day she will be out at the store or work and you can let him know if he can count on you if he needs a way out. Maybe she isn’t though and they are kind of codependent. Also maybe you can subtly find out from friends he sees more often what they think of the relationship. I think as you said the only thing is to ignore the behavior for now. You’ve already talked to her on-line and in person. Maybe over time she will open up or he will about her.

  8. Flipping out isn't appropriate ever.

    Trusting your gut is

    Now you've been asked many times, but I don't see an answer – how did this man respond to your concerns?

  9. No drugs she’s just like that I guess, and yeah it just sucks because that’s like 4 paychecks for me

  10. Ewwwwww why are you even asking??! My ass would have packed him and his buddies crap up and thrown them both out… disgusting!!!

  11. Spending 1-2 nights a week with friends means she has 5-6 nights for him. How is that barely having time for him?

  12. It's similar and lots of psychologists are using a mix of the two, really interesting to read up on.

  13. I feel like your best friend is secretly in love with you or your fiancé cheated on you. Maybe both.

    Either way, you deserve answers.

  14. Call a lawyer. You have custody rights. You also are going to have to pay child support. Also demand a paternity test.

  15. i do agree with this and that’s why the decision is very very hot. these friends are relatively new to my life. my male bff has been in my life for almost 2 years and my female bff has been in for almost a year. when we first met, we just instantly clicked and became best friends. i also just recently had a falling out with a long term best friend that is completely off subject from this too so the stress of what happened with that is causing me to freak out more over this. (my ex genuinely had nothing to do with that friend breakup as well, it was just two people that had a falling out due to different life paths)


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