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  1. Right? They want an out of the world performance, by a virgin…. Mate have you never heard of “practice make mastery” lol

  2. Say they were at work and ended up getting on with someone there and they tried to kiss him. The result, him recoiling away from them having a wtf moment. That's not cheating. Could be a misunderstanding yada yada.

    But what's happened here. Most certainly is. Its not as if this was a simple mistake. It's one that takes multiple steps and is clearly sustained behavior.

    So cheating yes. But what you want to do with it is your call.

  3. Is she on the same birth control? She might need to change her method or ask her doctor about getting on adderall so it doesn't kill her libido.

    Definitely need to address the chore/expenses imbalance, but that is kind of naked to address if she's not 'officially' living with you.

    I will say, if she's unwilling to have sex, and it's a hot line issue for you, then you need to find someone more compatible. You're 21, don't sign yourself up for a lifetime of dead bedroom.

  4. Let it go. Pushing isn't going to change his mind. You guys just have 2 different perspectives and you both have a right not to see eye-to-eye. However, you don't have a right to keep pressing him. That's a “nice guy” move.

  5. Oh dear you're going to be better off without this dudebro in your life. Yes he WAS blaming the rape victim, no matter how many times he tries to deflect after the fact.

    First, unless you are willing to go to the range all the time and get super comfortable shooting and handling a gun, having a concealed carry weapon on you will make things much worse. MUCH worse. Unless you are so trained and comfortable than you can grab, cock, point, and shoot without hesitation then it WILL be used on you.

    I had a CHL in Texas and owned many guns. We went to the range all the time. I now on-line in Spain so sold all my guns 5 years ago, but I can guarantee that if you aren't willing to do that (practice, practice, practice) then you do not want a gun on your body.

    Lose the loser.

  6. It's not your place to need to know if she's trans and your period is not exactly dinner conversation, especially if you just met them?

    You needed to apologize and move on but you started a fight?? Wtf

  7. If seeing your ex outside your house was all it took to destroy your relationship then it wasn't much of a relationship. Learn from this and move on.

  8. Childish? Well, everything depends on whenever it is a normal selfie or a nude/lingerie one. Nude/lingerie – ya, you can be udset about that, that not for every1 to see on his Phone. Normal mirror selfie? Its fine. No, its not 'the to of you' but it might have significanse to him like 'i love this girl, and it reminds me she must love me too because she thinks of me during the day to send me a pic' – and that would be childish to dislike. His Phone lock screen is about what he want to see or be reminded of, not what you want to see or be reminded of

  9. Awwwwwwww! What a lovely story to read, I really needed that this morning, thank you so much for sharing with us! Super happy for you!

  10. Definitely take a week off.

    Unfortunately it really isn't your business what your boss decides to do with his assets. It's his right to choose who he sells his assets to, he doesn't have to explain anything to anyone.

    Had your husband told you about something he was told not to divulge to anyone, the boss would have just reprimanded/fired him.

    Your boss doesn't want to sell a share of the business to you, it's that simple and requires no explanation from your boss. Your partner was bound by confidentiality.

    You need to find a new job, that's the bottom line

  11. Oh hey did we date the same guy? My ex did that all the time. He'd interrupt me and talk over me constantly, but if I ever did it to him he'd get pissy and tell me I was rude.

  12. Sit down with her parents and tell them that if he turns up in a clown suit you will be leaving the ceremony immediately and eloping instead. That the resulting fall out will be on them and you will sue him and them for the cost of the wedding.

  13. Dump your cheating boyfriend, let him deal with the fallout from his dick-driven stupidity.

    Not your circus, not your monkeys.

  14. For real, you'll likely eventually become bitter over time and resent her if she doesn't change and you're continuously not satisfied.

    You won't be able to ignore it, because we all have different needs and expectations.

    In most cases, a libido mismatch in a relationship will only cause long term issues. This won't just go away.

    You can read more real life stories at /r/DeadBedroom.

    You can give it a try, but from experience this relationship sexually may not work.

  15. What would you tell a friend going through the same situation for three years? I bet after giving the same advice and then returning with the same outcome, you’d be worn out.

    Talking isn’t working. He’s being insensitive and abusive. You can do better. You’re young. Don’t blow your life wasting it on someone that doesn’t respect you and your needs.

  16. Give her a piece of your mind?! Be mad at him. This was NOT out of character. It was a frequent thing that he pursued. He’s a liar and a cheat. Plus likes to play victim so he will never take responsibility.

    Your job is to decide whether you want to on-line with that. Whether that makes you feel loved. Whether you are attracted to that.

    Better a roommate situation and ll your integrity and self worth than this, I would think.

  17. But it was her money to spend it sounds like. It doesn’t matter you think it was the wrong choice and no matter how much you wish she’d handed the keys over to you and your sister, it was her car period. She obviously didn’t have much to herself seeing as you offered your sister a room that was taken .

  18. What about Option D: Your gf sets clear boundaries with this “friend” that she's not comfortable with compliments, offhanded remarks about them dating, kissy face emojis, etc. And she wants to make sure he understands that she will only ever view him as a friend; that she views anything else as inappropriate (and frankly creepy) given their respective ages. And that she also wants to be respectful towards you, her boyfriend, by keeping their relationship strictly platonic (aka no flirting whatsoever).

    Then whenever he tries to push her boundaries (which he will) she either calls him out on it or stops responding/distances herself. Honestly i think she might then realize that this guy isn't all that interested in a friendship with her and just wants to on-line out some fantasy of being with a younger woman.

  19. This was sooo helpful and really well said! It’s possible he just came off the wrong way trying to say it because he’s genuinely a good guy. Follow up for you- would you not commit to someone if the sex was bad?

  20. What can I say. Her having this disorder doesn't change much here. Her behaviour was just as awful before, despite it you have a child with her, and are now with her for 7 years. Just because you have put a name on her behaviour does not change anything.

    I do not mean you should stay with her, I mean you shouldn't have allowed yourself to be in this situation in the first place.

  21. Agreed, please do not have children with this person. It's a special kind of hell to be tied to this type of person forever.

  22. You under reacted. She should be an ex girlfriend. She manipulated the shit out of you with her hysterical breakdown. Be better to yourself. .

  23. I'm sorry, but this man doesn't respect you and is using you. He lets you pay for bills that HE should be paying half of. He knows he should be paying, but is choosing to let you pay for those things because he CAN, while spending his money on pleasures. You should not have to ask him for money for HIS daughter, wtf. He takes money from you to support his gambling. And now he's stealing from you and LYING to you about it.

    You said you can completely support yourself with no issues. Cut this leech off now. You deserve someone who respects you and doesn't see you as a cash cow.


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