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  1. Her parents are very in touch with her actually, and they are being supportive and getting her help in healthy ways right now. She goes to talk therapy, EMDR, MNRI, and sees an executive functioning coach 2 times a week.

  2. You die screw up with your naive weakness. You learned a valuable lesson though, your wife thinks you are a doormat, because you are. The truth hurts, in your next relationship grow and actual backbone.

  3. Lol, which eye? The green one or the black one?

    All kidding aside, it's a little tough, you know? We've had a lot of great times together. There's a huge part of me that hopes she was just super grossed out by my eye looking how it did and just couldn't bear to look at me until it healed up a little bit.

    I think it would be beneficial to have a sit down with her and talk it out. I still think it's really shitty for her to not be seen in public with me on our anniversary or even come over so we could celebrate privately, but I want to hear her thoughts a little bit more.

  4. This should be the top comment. I personally find this behaviour super strange. I have a lot of close female friends but I'd never spoon them? That's weirdly very intimate. And at the end of the day if it's making OP feel uncomfortable, he should communicate it with her. Like you said, it's setting a boundary.

    I don't think the comments are fair because if she was cuddling with a platonic guy friend I'm sure people would have an issue with it and no one would be calling him insecure.


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