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blondefoxsilverfox, y.o.

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Room subject: Bottom off at goal! Welcome Electra Rayne to The Foxhole!

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  1. So to answer your questions

    basically his penis is smaller now, and we have a harder time inserting it because I am larger and it is smaller. And I know that has given him insecurities as well in sex, but I am overly sexual and constantly do things to reassure him of my attraction to him via my words & actions.

    I say admitted, because while I am a very open person, and I have no issues having plain blunt conversations without any confrontation, he has a nude time opening up and admitting his feelings without becoming defensive and I think in this instance, he felt he was protecting me from being hurt by admitting that my weight had to do with the lack of attraction.

    I have many toys, vibrators, dildos, etc. that I use (and that we have used since we’ve been together) to be able to reach orgasm easily. In the past, he shown pleasure in using them now he doesn’t even try.

    To be honest, the only reason I really ask the AITA was to gain traction so I can get advice.


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