We (36F) got left out of an important decision at work, and it has come between me plus my partner (43M)

Tl; dr: boss decides to split company up between other employees plus leaves me out of it. Our partner got a slice though and now maybe I’m getting divorced and quitting my job.

My companion (43M) of eight yrs and I (36F) both operate management at the same small company. Our own relationship is generally good, and not in the “it’s good but he hits me sometimes” sense. We have both worked at the company for about nine years. We work in your office with three other supervisors and the company owner. I might have described my connection with my colleagues because generally close and pleasant. Up until today I thought the job was going pretty much. I thought both of our work were.

My job is demanding, and everyone within my office puts a lot of time in to make the company successful. We each bring our own skills to the table and we are all very dedicated. I most likely spend way too much time at work, but we all do. I had a pretty productive year last year, and I got my profit-sharing bonus today. It was double what it was last year. I don’t think I am underperforming at your workplace.

Today, everybody but myself and our bookkeeper left the office mid-morning for “a meeting”. I asked one of these about it and they wouldn’t tell me. It turns out that my manager wants to retire (not a surprise) and he wants the particular four other managers (including my partner) to slowly buy him out. He previously discussed this plan before, but those times I was integrated and it was extremely not really concrete. Apparently this meeting had been arranged over the weekend more than email, and my companion didn’t tell me about it. Nobody told me about it until it had been happening. I was deliberately omitted by literally the entire workplace.

I was gobsmacked.

They all went to fucking lunch afterwards and didn’t show me.

It feels like I have low-key been fired, and am have no idea why. I spoken to my partner and he apologized (not gonna cut this right now) and stated the reason was something like the boss didn’t want a few involved in the company split. I feel heartbroken and betrayed simply by my partner and all of our colleagues, like I’ve been professionally humiliated. I like functioning as a team with them but Dont really want to be forced under all of them by an ownership stake. My partner says he loves me and does not want to split up. I left our house to be alone and I’m just going to kip in the car somewhere peaceful. I don’t know what I’m likely to do tomorrow. Advice?

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