UPDATE; My boyfriend (22M) told me (18F) that things between us will end if I don’t have sex with him

this is an update to my previous post

I know it’s fairly quick to share one but so many people were freaking out under my last post (was locked cause it reached karma limit) and still are in my dms that I just have to share it. We just met up, I told him all about it, he freaked out and started apologizing for making me feel pressured and being impatient then told me “he can’t do it”, he was also a bit angry that I didn’t share it with him earlier on which is fair. Anyways, I knew this would happen when he finds out I’m a virgin and that’s exactly what has been holding me back. Currently I’ll be sobbing over him for 3-5 business days before trying to move on. Thank you all for your concern and advice. FYI; this is just a throwaway account that I’ll end up deleting.

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