Up-date: My (24m) family captured me being fucked simply by my boyfriend (25m)

Here is my original posting


My loved ones and I ended up still going out to dinner that weekend and I also got to bring my boyfriend, yay. Father texted me a while after the incident breaking the ice with " birthday sex good? ". But we had a discuss some things and I ended up apologising to my mother. Apparently she was upset that I never told her but my father knew, all is good upon that front now.

Dinner went well. I formally came out during and was able to introduce my boyfriend to a family. Dad was in good humour as always, my mother seemed a bit concerned by my boyfriends size and kept bringing up how big this individual was lol but general she liked him (edit: im talking about how high and big he is, not his dick you pervs lol). Dad and our boyfriend seem to get along well and have a lot in common so thats terrible haha. My siblings are also chill regarding everything and think my boyfriend is great too.

After dinner we actually stayed at my parents location for the night and that proceeded to go quite well. Everything' s looking up and theres no unnecessary drama. Thanks everyone for your advice and good humour.

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