The ex (21F) is still posting triggering content about me personally (24M) 7 months right after our breakup

It' s been 7 weeks since my breakup with my ex, and I' ve moved on, but it seems like she' s still keeping some negative feelings. Every now and then, she reposts things on social media that are childish plus unnecessary, like a TikTok saying she would go back to her former mate if she wanted to time a loser. This kind of actions are immature.

We haven' to had any contact in most this time, and she acts like she doesn' t care, but her posts say otherwise. I understand that separations can be difficult, but it' t important to find closure plus let go of any negative feelings. Posting this kind of content is not really helpful and only causes a lot more stress and confusion.

Offers anyone else gone through a similar experience? How did you manage it? I' m looking for some advice on how to deal with this example.

Thanks for reading and I enjoy any support or recommendations.

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