The boyfriend (18M) told me (18F) that I’m a fish in bed

Today, the boyfriend (18M) told me (18F) that I am a seafood in bed. This left myself absolutely horrified. We have been in the relationship for around 10 several weeks. I feel like I always try to make him feel good, beginning with touching him and running my hands along his body and then onto the BJ/HJ combo even before we start sex. I don’t just lay in bed during sex possibly. I’ll often either speak with him dirty, kiss him, touch, grab and create noises. I tell him just how great he makes me personally feel. I even make it a point to ask if he’s enjoying the sex and if there’s anything I can do to make it better, but he always responds by telling me he feels excellent. On one hand, we rarely possess a space to ourselves, since we share our house with a roommate. Whenever our roommate is home I make an effort to be quieter and not end up being rough/on top since the bed is loud and squeaky and I don’t want to bother them. He knows this particular. I’ve always felt just a little insecure about how I seem and how I do in bed due to the fact I feel the need to compete with porno and be the best girlfriend I could be to please him. What should I do?

TLDR: Boyfriend said I behave like a fish in bed once i try my hardest not to already. What should I perform?

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