Our (M30) partner (NB30) arrived as NB last year. Personally i think like I was doing all the right things to help all of them, But this last challenge is eating me up inside and making me personally question everything.

We’ve been married for 7 yrs and together for 10. We have a 5yo Youngster together. Last year they turned out and I changed pronoun make use of and encouraged them to go to meet up of others like all of them. They have met a few modern friends from this. Nothing really changed much in our life as they were still pretty much introducing as female with a couple of minor tweaks.

Things have changed in the last few months. Little things at first like developing out thin mustache hairs and styling hair in a different way which really didn' capital t bother me but the newest thing I just… I dunno. I' m having so much trouble getting past the chest binder they bought. This just completely changes their entire look over to manly. I' m finding myself less sexually attracted to them. I don' t know how to handle this change. We don' t want our sex life to dwindle aside but I don' t know how to get over this challenge.

I' m too afraid to even bring this particular up to them because I would like nothing more than to be supportive. I' m just not into manly energy in anyway. I don' t even such as my own.

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