Not sure what happened. We had a dinner date at 7 pm. I (25f) showed up at 7:08. He (26m) wouldn’t come out, texted that he does so much for me, but he feels I never reciprocate (because I was six minutes late), and he refuses to talk to me.

We're dating for two years (we online separately). I am currently extremely busy with work & life, and so is he. We work very different schedules, so sometimes we go days without seeing each other. Today, he insisted on dinner, I was exhausted (worked a 24 hr shift) and didn't really want to go out, but I eventually gave in. I asked if he can drive because I haven't slept in 24 hrs, but he didn't want to drive, so I went to pick him up. I got to his house 8 minutes late and the above happened. I am not sure what his issue is with me.

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