My husband (m25) wants to divorce me (f24) because I’m “lazy”

My husband (m25) and I (f24) have been together for 8 years, married for 3 years. He has been distant for 5 months now. Barely speaking to me or when I speak to him he’s always on his phone ignoring what I’m saying. Very little communication, he’s been sleeping in the guest room and we haven’t had any sexual activity since then.

Recently we had the talk… He says he hates that I don’t work much, I don’t “pull my weight” around the house and I don’t cook for him. He pays everything except for wifi and the phone bill which I pay for.

I work Monday-Friday 7am-2pm and my husband works 3pm-11pm. I come home to our 7 year old son hungry because all he was fed was cereal at 9am. After making him a quick lunch and settle in I usually clean up the kitchen that is always a mess from the morning. Once I’m done I either go on a walk with my son or at the park. When we get home I start my lesson plan since I homeschool. While he works on his worksheets I start dinner. After dinner we hang out watch movies/play then it’s time for showers and bedtime. When he’s all settled in I clean up the kitchen, spot clean around the house and throw away the trash.

Apparently, I have to meal prep my husband’s food because he doesn’t eat unless I make him food. I need to deep clean the whole house every day.

I don’t know what he does during the day but every time I see him when he’s not working he’s playing video games. It’s not fair that he gets to do everything he wants but I get yelled at for no reason. I get so stressed and overwhelmed with homeschooling but I do it because our son is autistic. When I tell him how much work it is I always get told “it’s your job”. We’ve always had issues. My main issue is that he’s not romantic or lovey with me anymore. I haven’t had one gift from him since the 2nd year. No anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day gift.

He wants me to change but I can’t. I’m trying my best and this is all I can push myself to do. It just hurts because I still love him so much and I feel like he hates me.

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