My brother (25m) flipped out on myself when I told him I could see all of the pics of our earliest brothers (32m) girlfriend (24f) on his computer

Ok so after this post I went to Bryson and informed him that I saw the pictures of Melanie in the computer. Hoping that maybe he had a reason for it… Some sort of explanation…He freaked out on me. Like yelling, informing me I’m a POS snooping through his matters. He told me that I don’t say anything to Jake plus Melanie but…. obviously I am going to. So I guess my question is…what do I say to them? How do I word this? Do I tell my brother or even Melanie directly?? Or both at the same time?? Do I say I believe he’s stalking or just state what I saw?

update Melanie is at work. She can’t talk there so I told her to come by my location after her shift is over. I’m going to tell her initial and then see if she desires to tell Jake or have me do it.

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