My boyfriend (22M) rated me (20f) a 6 on a scale of 1-10.. which has really lowered my confidence and I don’t feel desired everytime we get physical. What should I do?

My boyfriend (22M) and I (20F) were playing some immature games and he started rating random people based on physical appearances. He rated me a 6 which didn't bother me until he rated my best friend an 8. I feel very insecure and ugly every time I look myself in the mirror. I've lost my confidence. I communicated about this and he apologized and told me he loves me for my personality but I can't take this shit out of my mind and can't help but feel ugly everytime I'm with him, getting physical. I don't feel desired anymore even though he keeps telling me I'm hot. It just feels like he's trying to cover up for that thing.

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