My (31M) wife (31F) doesn’t feel like I can protect her

I’m at a loss right now. Yesterday we’re driving and on our way to dinner. We got stuck behind someone double parked and so we start backing out to go a different way. Some guy is in the crosswalk and naturally he gets pissed. My wife (31F) is the one driving, and yeah she has a city temper, but it happens right. The typical little exchange takes place, no harm is done, and the guy starts walking away.

But that wasn’t good enough for her, she completely lost herself and was trying to jump out of the car. My (31M) focus at this point was to keep her in the car and to keep that guy walking away.

I was able to get her to sit back down, but she kept running her mouth, which kept the guy there cursing back. I was far from silent, but I was trying to yell at him to just keep walking. It’s at this point that he then threw what I assume to be almonds or something at us. A couple of them made it in the window.

Now I’m pissed. Of course I’m pissed. My wife is pissed. But everyone’s alright. Somewhere I manage to get her to just drive away.

Now, since that happened, she has made it clear to me that she cannot rely on me. That I am incapable of protecting her. That I am not masculine and that she expected more from me. Believe me, I expected more from me too, but the kicker here…

I just had back surgery 2 days ago.

What am I supposed to do in this situation?? Hobble out of the car and go pick a fight?

So now my wife of 3 years (been together for 5) wants a divorce because I’m not man enough for her.

How am I supposed to handle this?

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