My (27F) wife (26F) vomits every time we disagree/I don’t feel well

Every single time we get into a little argument or disagreement, she starts crying and shortly after she starts coughing and makes herself throw up. If I am unhappy with her for something and I am trying to take a few minutes to myself, I hear her coughing and then she is in the sink throwing up. Is this coincidental? For attention? It always makes me stop and immediately have to go to her aide. She is a social worker and she is on anxiety meds. This happens almost every time. I guess I am looking for advice from the outside looking in. Is this behavior for attention? Worth noting she NEVER gets sick other than the few times a year we have a small fight or disagreement.

Edit: I am also medicated for anxiety, so I get it. She is only like this with me, no one else. And it’s ONLY when she doesn’t get her way. If she ends up getting her way or I just let it go, she is perfectly fine.

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