My (23F) boyfriend (25M) is obsessed with the idea of me loosing my virginity to him

I started dating my boyfriend last April and graduated from university last year. My boyfriend, who I met through mutual friends did not attend college or university. We are both christians and he is not a virgin (he has had sex with a previous girlfriend). When we first met he told me it was important to him that he date “a good christian girl”. Lately he has been making comments to me about taking my virginity which have been increasing in frequency and intensity, how he will “teach me a lot of things” “show me how good sex can be” and more graphic stuff that I’d rather not repeat. At this point I think he gets off on the idea, however, I am not a virgin.

I participated in hookup culture while at university and had (safe) sex fairly often with men I met at bars/nightclubs or on tinder for nearly four years. I am almost a different person from who I was at university. I am much more soft-spoken and I dress more conservatively and no longer drink, smoke or do drugs. Which I believe has led to my boyfriend having this perception of me. What do I do? Should I let him continue to think I’m a virgin or tell him the truth and potentially ruin our relationship?

I feel like I should note that while find his comments cringy they don’t really bother me. And aside from this thing he’s great.

TLDR; My boyfriend really wants to take my virginity but I’m not a virgin, what should I do?

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