Me personally (24F) am getting suspicious of my husband (25M) on which he does every Sunday night (Update)

  • This is an update for the post I produced yesterday on Reddit requesting people what my husband could be doing on Saturday evening every week.

  • Just to address some elements quickly.

  • We have a shared account in terms of fiances which nothing is up with in anyway.

  • I have talked with his friends and as I stated before they just really feel generic and don' capital t seem to want to talk to myself since they never engage with me personally and when they answer me they keep it short. Could be that is how they are but it all just feels odd to me.

  • We online in the Holland and not in the U. H.

  • He or she met these new close friends after having met associated with his old drinking group of friends.

  • I have talked with my hubby twice on what he is actually doing when he goes drinking with them all the time and I haven' t gotten any important info outside of just consuming at the bar and then going to a friends house till they stop drinking response.

  • The particular friends of his gown casually. No suits or anything like that. Make of that what you will too.

  • When he goes out he always uses money and it is like 30 – 50 bucks normaly which he brings. Though if he or she doesn' t drink more then when I went with them he or she couldn' t possibly use it all up unless he is buying for them as well.

  • He has got no problems going on holidays but if I ask if we can go on a Saturday to complete something together it continually is a week in advance as well that he can do so plus it probably has been about six times last year that he do so. Otherwise we do stuff on Friday' t. He is also kinda reluctant to do so if it is not a vacation.

  • Their friends have never really been IN our house as they always uphold the front door. They don' t seem to care to stay the house whatsoever.

  • My husband is a structure worker, the other 3 are IT. Engineer. And a father. No strange jobs or even anything like that. Or a job that would require them to function Saturday or Sunday.

So after a lot of recommendations I went with the most dependable but also not really harming my hubby in any way shape or type one. Which was also among first things recommended that was checking for any addresses on google maps and seeing in the event that there was anything on there.

When he was asleep I took his mobile phone from the nightstand and went into the toilet and locked the doorway of said toilet, after that opened the app learn nothing on it. If there is anything ever on it had been probably erased or lost to time in some sort of update or something. So that has been no use.

I actually searched some more until I found a navigation app which i don' t remember seeing the last time I had their phone (about 2 several weeks ago. ) I opened up the app up plus sure enough there were about 20 locations searched for along with 1 marked. As in saved area for quick access. Most of the locations were normal places you should go to though or locations where I know he informed me he would go for work. Or even a bar I know they go in order to " supposedly. "

The ones that actually caught the eye where 5 unusual ones, and 1 of them was the marked one. The 4 searched for ones had been of random houses 1 to 2 hours away from us. Within really small places I didn' t even know existed or barely remembered in any way. I have no clue the reason why these locations were looked or if he proceeded to go there of what their business there could be if he or she did go. So that was really odd.

The proclaimed place was in the forest not too far from here. It is about a 20 minute drive give or take. We’ve been there on multiple events but I don' t know why he would have got 1 marked for routing. He knows the woodland pretty well because we have gone numerous times with just the two of us or with friends so I have no clue what navigation could help him in the place like that. It seems to be a little outside of where the middle of that forest should be. Maybe I' m really anxious at this point but it didn' to seem to make much sense to me.

Anyway, nothing else of use I could find on his phone, so I took the device and put it right back in the nightstand. As far as I can tell he was still resting soundly. He always was obviously a heavy sleeper.

Once i woke up he was gone off to work and am am now writing this just having finished food preparation for the day. He will be home soon from the gym. Regarding 30 minutes.

I am convinced that If I still want to do more I may have to either hire a PI, or try to track them with a tracker or follow them personally. Though that will have to wait around until Saturday to make any progress.

I have also not found anything that can indicate a different phone, bank account, or anything suspicious on our computer. So once again at the moment I am at a dead end.

If any of you have any suggestions. I' m all ears I guess…

TLDR: Am suspicious associated with what my husband does every single Saturday night. (Update)

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