I [m29] told my girlfriend [f31] that I wanted a break up. She’s pulling out all of the stops to keep that from happening.

[ Edit: Just let her know that the break up is final, and that I'd like her completely moved out by next Friday. She'd already threatened to go stay with her sister. So i invited her to make good on that threat. ]

It was alot of things, but funnily enough it was my computer that was the final straw. She would make shitty comments about my friends or hobby. Even though I never shit on any if her interests. When the new consoles came out I built a PC instead, and from day 1 she had something to say about it. Some of my old friends already played PC, and I think she was threatened that I was talking to people for stretches of time for 1 – 4 hours.

She complained that I wasn’t spending enough time with her, I made sure my game time was a small minority of my at home time. She complained that I was doing less chores, so I made sure to our perform her in chores by a wide margin. Keep in mind I also pay for %70 of our costs. She complained about the times being too sporadic so I scheduled my game time days, sometimes weeks in advance. But recently she insulted me and my friends in a pretty snarky not friendly way. Basically saying that we acted like virgins and I was lucky to have her.

She made comments before that half said this, but she never outright said it before. I used to be overweight, and she worked in modeling in her early 20s, so she knows I'm self conscious about her being out of my league. It rubbed me the wrong way so I told her off. I told her that she talks behind her friends back so often that I'm certain she has no true friends. And I told her that she's displaying insecurity over an object.

She took offense and retreated to her sisters place. When she returned she was looking for an apology. But I told her it wasn't working and that I'd prefer a break up and that she moved out. She immediately changed her tune and started to apologize. She's told me about changes, she talked to me about finally going to therapy. She's been throwing her body at me at any opportunity. She's offering to take up all of the cooking and cleaning.

Do relationships come back from this ? Have any of you worked out a situation where you came back from your partner disrespecting you unprovoked ?

I feel bad because I believe people can change. We've been together for almost 4 years now. It feels like a shame to throw that away. We were talking about marriage and children.

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