GF(F30) wants to move in to my (M35) house, and get added to the deed.

Seeking advice as I don't know where to turn.

My gf and I have been dating since early 2021. In 2020 I bought and renovated a house to call my own and I loved every second of it.

My gf and I have had such a lovely relationship and she is honestly a real one in so many ways, she gives me ideas how to improve the house. And gets me in contact with ppl to make changes (eg adding closet racks). I can say she really does seem to love me which feels weird to me for other reasons I am working on with my therapist.

Recently she offered to move in and, in moving in, she wanted to be placed on the deed. I told her I would think about it but I didn't really expect her to pay half mortgage maybe just help on groceries. She does want to get married and I am planning on it, just felt taken aback as she said she didn't want to risk moving in then we break up and she is homeless.

Not sure if adding to the deed is a good idea but I feel apprehensive about it. Also she is a but of a hoarder so I'm working on sorting her out but I can see it impacting us if we don't find constructive ways to mitigate it.

I feel like I am over thinking

I can be vague so if I need to clarify let me know * I am M35, she is F30

Edit: OK I am glad that my feelings are being validate a bit and I am sure what I posted comes off crazy lol.

I will investigate a tenancy at will type thing vs adding her to the deed. That is so wild to do before marriage. Thank you to the responders so far. I'm sorry if my post sounds ridiculous, just in a weird headspace rn.

Edit 2: All the feedback thankfully validated that my gut was correct. I honestly feel dumb just for asking because it is such an easy answer.

I got to speak to her after she got home and I stated clearly a lot of the feedback that I saw here that she will not be added to the deed before marriage. We will look into a tenancy agreement if she feels strongly enough and I affirmed that while I care for her deeply, I want to follow the optimal process to keep us both protected.

She took it honestly well and stated she said what she said in more of an emotional fear. But she agreed and was more worried I didn't voice my issues when she first asked me as well just sad that I was so anxious due to it.

I think I'm in the clear and Thank you all for the help, the slap of reality, and just everything. Lot of really great advice and good people.

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