Excellent student and bully (part two)

Evening came. The setting sun was shining over the city. Spike walked aimlessly down the street of his working-class neighborhood and smoked a cigarette. Suddenly, in the nearest alley, he heard someone’s loud voices.
– Please, don’t! a woman’s voice said desperately.
-Come on, come on – the boy’s cheeky voice answered her.
Spike went into the courtyard and suddenly saw Her – the same fair-haired girl from the bathhouse, on whom he had the honor to masturbate that same day. Two unfamiliar young boys stuck to her and did not give her a pass. One tried to grope her and lift up her dress, and the other stared with his eyes at the Spike. The girl looked at all these guys in fright, afraid to say a word.
– What’s going on here? asked Spike. More Live Sex Chats
– Who are you?- one of the boys asked.
– My name is Spike, I’m looking after this area. So shoo, slaps! – he answered and began to approach the boys. Thorn was taller and stronger than these two bastards, so they jumped back in fright.
– Yes, it’s Spike, he’s a tough bum, I know him. Let’s get out of here! – said the second kid and they both disappeared around the corner of the alley.
The frightened girl was a little taken aback at first, and when the hooligans disappeared, she threw herself on the neck of her savior.
– Thank you! I’m so scared! – she said with tears in her eyes.
– What are you doing here? You can’t be here!
– I live here nearby, in my grandmother’s room. Please walk me out! We live not far away, across this alley on the next street.
– Okay, let’s go.
Spike and the girl went towards her grandmother’s house.
– What’s your name?
–Nastya, she replied. I myself come from the village, study philology, and live with my grandmother. Nastya’s fear was replaced by admiration and she looked at Spike with burning eyes.
– And what is your name, my savior? She asked playfully.
–Spike – he replied sullenly.
– And how is that in Russian?
– Vitya. – Vitya… It’s a beautiful name, Nastya replied.
Five minutes later they came to the entrance of Khrushchev, where Nastya lived with her grandmother.
– Tomorrow is a day off. Listen, you… come to my entrance at the same time. Do you want to go for a walk? I’ll thank you,” Nastya asked playfully.
–Come on,– Thorn replied. Nastya hugged Spike and ran to her entrance.


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