Excellent student and bully (part three)

The next day, the Spike came at the agreed time to Nastya’s grandmother’s entrance. Dressed in his invariable tracksuit, he stood and nervously smoked. Spike was nervous–he still couldn’t believe that such a beautiful girl would agree to go on a date with him.
Finally, the door opened and Nastya came out of the entrance. She was wearing large round-rimmed glasses, dressed in a brown dress, a white apron and sandals.
– Hello there! Nastya said.
And they went for a walk through the streets of their neighborhood. Nastya joked and laughed, and Spike agreed with her, afraid to even touch her beautiful figure.Camsoda & StripChat Webcams THERE! on FREE!
– Who do you like more – “Modern Talking” or “Tender May”?
– Uh-uh… Igor Talkov. Hey, Nastya, ehm… Do you have a boyfriend?
-We don’t have any normal guys at the university, just nerds and nerds. I can’t stand them! And you’re so handsome and strong! Nastya said. The couple walked through the streets of the city, talked and had fun.
– Vit, will you teach me how to smoke? I’m so tired of being an exemplary excellent student, I want to become a hooligan,” she asked playfully.
Spike took out cigarettes and matches and showed Nastya how to smoke. Unaccustomed, she choked and began to cough. Spike and Nastya laughed. They were so good with each other.
Finally Nastya and Spike returned to where they came from.
– Listen, and let’s go to my entrance? – Nastya suggested. – Remember, I wanted to thank you?
Nastya and Spike entered the open entrance door and went up to the top floor. There was no one in the entrance.
– Have you watched the movie “Deep Throat”? Nastya asked.
– Yeah, at the video store,– Spike replied.
Then Nastya’s hand reached for Thorn’s groin. He understood everything without words and quickly lowered his sweatpants along with his underpants. Nastya saw a large erect member of the Thorn. Free Sex Chats for YOU!
– Wow! she exclaimed and sat down on her knees.
Nastya took Thorn’s penis with her own hands and began to lick it slowly. Then, clasping the penis with her hands, Nastya began to suck it with a deep swallow. Spike experienced a frenzied bliss and moaned softly so that the tenants would not hear. Nastya sucked a dick for a long time, then began to masturbate with his hands. Spike couldn’t stand it and his cock spewed a stream of sperm right on Nastya’s face, splattering her glasses. She laughed, her eyes glistening with pleasure.
– Did you like it?
– Yes, – groaned Spike.
– I have a grandmother in my apartment – let’s continue later? Nastya asked, wiping the cum from her face and glasses with a handkerchief.
– Okay, Spike agreed and, slapping the girl on the ass, headed for the exit from the entrance.


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