Excellent student and bully (part one)

This story happened in those distant, now perestroika times, when our country was called the Soviet Union, and a scarlet flag was flying over the Kremlin. That year there was a shortage and queues in stores, the troops from Afghanistan had already been withdrawn, and the whole country was listening to the songs of Viktor Tsoi, frozen in a deaf expectation of change.
On a summer July day in 1989, a company of young boys, as usual, was sitting on a street platform in the courtyard of a five-story Khrushchev in the working quarter of the provincial city of B-ska, husking seeds and languishing from idleness. Two guys, who nowadays are called bandit – known by the nicknames Pock-marked and Pepper spat out the peel from the seeds and smoked. A third kid came out of the Khrushchev’s entrance and approached these two guys. Camsoda Live Sex Chats
– Hello, bosota!
– Hello, Spike!
This very third kid, Spike, in the world Viktor Ivanov, was a tall, strong, short-haired guy. He was dressed in a tracksuit. Being the son of an alcoholic and a collective farmer, he had no prospects in this life and after graduating from vocational school he got a job as a worker at a local factory. Since then and now there is no leisure in the province as such, the only entertainment for local youth were drunkenness, fights and hop-stops of passers-by in the doorways.
– What, bros, what happened?
– Yes, here, can I go to the video store, to the Emmanuel? The Pockmarked Man replied.
– Guys, there is a better topic. Follow me!
Spike and the boys left the yard and headed for the bus stop. Soon the bus – LiAZ-677, better known as the “Cattle Truck”, arrived and the company of guys plunged into it. After driving a couple of stops towards the outskirts of the city, the guys got out and headed towards the local public women’s bath.
The part of the building where the bathhouse was located stood right next to the old boiler room, which was no longer used, because the central hot water supply was supplied to the bathhouse. At that hour there was no one there and the guys calmly walked into the deserted boiler room. They climbed the old staircase to the second floor of the building.
– Well, why did we come here, eh, Spike? – asked Petsa.
–Look here,– Thorn showed him. There was a narrow gap between the slabs along the wall, but enough to see a beautiful view of the bathers in the bathhouse below. Since this gap was on the second floor, it was almost impossible to see from below that someone was spying on you. The boys clung close to the wall and began to look with eager anticipation at the premises of the women’s bath. The steam room of the bath was typical Soviet and unremarkable.
It contained aluminum basins, benches and all sorts of bath accessories. At first there was no one in the bathhouse and Petsa asked: – Where are the women? “Wait a little longer,– Thorn told him. And indeed, after half a minute, the doors of the steam room opened and completely naked girls and women began to enter there. At the sight of naked female bodies, all the boys pulled down their pants and underpants as if on command and began to caress their members, who got up very quickly. And there was something to see! There were a lot of girls and women of various ages in the steam room.
The fair sex walked around the steam room, poured water, soaped themselves with soap, chatted, joked, had fun, in general, they performed a “purification rite” perfectly. Among the visitors were very young students, middle-aged women and aunts of pre-retirement age. The choice of the boys was huge. Spike, Pepper and Pockmarked began to frantically masturbate their dicks at the sight of these beauties. Petsa was crazy about age ladies and literally drooled at the sight of mature bathers. Pockmarked was a fan of young girls ‘ bodies. And only Thorn didn’t care, until She came in. She was a tall, slender, fair-haired girl of eighteen or nineteen. Her long hair was braided. Spike could not tear his eyes away from this naked beauty, who was splashing to her girlfriends, who began to help her lather and pour herself.
She laughed and had fun, enjoying the water treatments. The boys have been jerking off for quite a long time and finally began to cum. The first one could not stand the Pepper and with loud moans began to spray sperm directly on the floor.
– Ha, do you like moms? – asked the Pock-marked man, who knew about the “weakness” of Petsa and also finished on the floor after him. The thorn lasted the longest. His body tensed, his face turned a deep red before sperm spewed out of his penis.
-Better than jerking off to Samantha Fox? – asked the finished Thorn.
– Yes! Petsa replied.
By this time, the bathers began to gradually disperse and the boys also decided to leave.


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