(29M) My roommate (29m) is certainly falling into some kind of scam/catfish/nefarious activity from a bot-looking tinder account. He’s dead set on meeting her and I’m worried about it regarding both him and myself.

So here' s the situation. My roommate offers matched with a girl on tinder. I don' to know everything, but he or she showed me the user profile and it' s a typical bot looking account – stock images of a attractive asian lady and minimal profile.

He matched along with her two weeks ago and it has been chatting since. She' s apparently from hong kong and a citizen of europe (where we live! ). They' ve exchanged pictures and videos, so the current thinking is that she' s at least a real person and never a dude from a scam center. She' s furthermore freely sent pictures of her passport to show that she' s a citizen (suspicious).

About a week into meeting, she provided him access to some kind of stock trading account with $20, 500 USD on it and inquired him to use it to perform some trading. Her description to why she couldn' t do this herself was that ' she didnt possess her phone and the USER INTERFACE was much better on mobile'.

He' s blinded with the fact that this has a 0. 001% chance of being a genuine, beautiful, rich lady who desires him enough to trust him with tens of thousands of bucks within a week of conference.

They' re apparently going to meet up in two weeks for the date when she will get back from Hong Kong. This really is obviously completely psychotic habits, but despite any reasoning, he' s committed to seeing her.

Does anyone have got any advice on what the scam or the long con here is? It' s obviously some thing but he' s confident that she' s true, as they' ve video chatted and called. Not a catfish, but it could be everything from using him to wash illegal money, some kind of long con scam to get into their bank account.. or any multitude of issues I haven' t also considered.

Please help!

EDIT: I guess thinking about it, I didn' t give him an entirely fair shake here. He is well aware that it' h incredibly suspicious and a 0. 001% chance of it getting legit. He' s said he isn' t giving her access to any of their money, or accounts, or spending any of his money on anything she sends him. He is, quote, " proceeding with caution. " But he still wants to try it out and meet her to see if he simply hit the jackpot. I' m trying to figure out how to convince him not to.

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