[18f] [18m] my boyfriend won’t get the surgery he needs for his dick

We’ve been going out a year and a half now. One thing with my boyfriend is that his dick, or specifically the band on the back of the head the “frenulum” frequently tears.

When we first started having sex it would tear in any position. But now he goes extra gentle (which gets annoying) and it’s fine but when I ride him there’s a good chance it tears so I have to feel bad every time I want to go that.

And every time it happens we have to wait a week or two for it to heal before he can use it again. I would there’s seriously like a 30% every time I ride him it’ll tear and a 5-10% that if he’s doing it it’ll tear.

I googled and there’s surgery you can get to lengthen the band so it stops tearing. But apparently there’s a slight chance it’ll reduce sensitivity in the dick because the frenulum is pretty sensitive.

He said he’s not losing feeling in his dick so he won’t get it. I ask what he plans to do then and he said nothing, like literally he plans to do nothing.

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