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  1. ask her what she does like then. if she doesn’t want oral then fine, but you could ask how you could please her other ways (fingering, boob sucking, etc)

  2. I think there is significant pressure for people to enable cosmetic surgery because of this girlbossification of “my body my choice” sentiment, but I think it's something she should sit on and consider thoroughly.

    Is this something she genuinely wants because she thinks it will improve her quality of life, or is she insecure because of outside pressures and beauty standards making her feel ugly and undesirable ?

    I've seen people both love and hate their results years after their surgery. Especially with nose jobs I often see the regretful sentiment of “my nose was passed down to me from my ancestors. It's part of my heritage and is part of the beauty I will pass down to my children if I decide to have any”. Cosmetic surgery is a big decision to make. It's best to wait until you're absolutely certain you've thought all the emotional and physical risks through, and thought about how you might feel about your choice in the future !

    Also, finding a reputable cosmetic surgeon who knows their craft and won't botch it/overdo might take some time if she decides to go through with it. There are some life-ruining hacks out there who put money over people's wellbeing and health.

    Also, /r/bignoseladies might be a good subreddit if she needs a confidence boost ? There are so many gorgeous women out there rocking distinctive and large noses.

  3. I plan to ask him more questions tomorrow to get clarity on the backstory of who this girl is and what his connection to her is to determine whether it was one time mistake or a larger issue, would you say that’s a good step?

  4. Just to clarify I wasn't saying she cheated, she didn't, my point was that even though It might not bring out anything good it's best to be honest about this. I agree with the secrecy and privacy point, I just think this falls in a grey area between the two.

  5. This is absurd. What reason does he give you for wanting your mother’s ring? What is his claim, according to him?

  6. This is absurd. What reason does he give you for wanting your mother’s ring? What is his claim, according to him?

  7. This is absurd. What reason does he give you for wanting your mother’s ring? What is his claim, according to him?

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  9. IMO there is no chance for an LDR to succeed if you dont have a concrete timeline to close the distance, that works for both people. On top of that you absolutely need to have good communication, cuz its the only thing you have while being apart. If hes not on the same page as you about the future you might wanna consider moving on.

  10. I agree that she is doing petty things to get her point across, unless there is more to this ie OP has been out of work before for ages and did nothing round the house.

    I do think there is a way to talk to people, because this appears to be new behaviour. then sitting down and talking is more productive hopefully. Though in this case there does seem to be an essense of being punished for not complying which is unhealthy behaviour and that isn't a good way to handle how you are feeling.

  11. Stay out of it and mind your own business. Your dad is a grown ass adult who made your sisters life miserable and disrespected her choices AND her husband.

    How can you see his way? Because he wants to see his granddaughter? What about his daughter? What did he think was going to happen when she got married?

    Also, I’m assuming your dad is still married to your mom, when he choose to marry your mom, he choose his wife and NEW nuclear family. The hypocrisy of your father for not wanting his daughter to do the same.

    Keep pushing and watch her go NC with you. You saw everything that your father was doing to your sister, did you try and mediate the situation or are you just doing it now because your dad is asking the family too?

  12. Luckily for me hes military for many many more years to come and can’t so easily run away from it. If that’s the route i go i don’t doubt that at least financially i will get support from him.

  13. You know you don't need to have a conversation with him, right?

    Go for it if you really want to, but you don't owe him anything.

  14. *Showing his face on his food blog is basically him craving for attention from other people*

    Why~~~in the world, would you think he's craving attention from other people, Op?

    According to you, he has THE attention of other people already, correct?

    He is showing his face so people associate his face with his well received blog.

    I see a Silhouette of Alfred Hitchcock and I automatically know who he was. Famous for his suspense and horror tv shows and movies.

    I see a pic of Gordon Ramsey and recognize his as a reknown chef, restaurateur, and tv personality.

    I suspect you are getting a little jealous (and angry) that you dropped out at the beginning. He continued without you and has managed to get recognition and success and you are …pissy?

    Be happy and proud of him, Op.

  15. What is this post for? This is a relationship advice sub, you're not even asking a question about anything here.

    If you want medical advice, go to a doctor.

  16. that you think this has gone too far

    Remove the word “think.” It's gone too far. Your wife fired her without notice or even discussing it with you. Now she spreading rumors to hurt her employment possibilities. If she's making up fake accounts to libel her that's waaaaay too far. Do not use “waffle words.” She is harassing this young woman who has done nothing wrong and causing her harm.

    Honestly as much as it hurts her, she needs to confess what she has done. It's the only way to undo the harm she has caused to someone who did nothing to her except have a crush.

  17. That’s good. Personally what I would do is join a gym and try to go daily. Then reach out to you friends you have and try to meet up. You don’t have to go out every night but maybe on Friday night or the weekend. During the week hit up coffee shops and maybe read or study if you are in school. My point is learn to be ok with being by yourself. Keep yourself occupied and honestly the gym is a great place to do that. Plus as you improve yourself your mental health will improve along as your fitness. Good luck ✌️

  18. Okay he's right– and everyone had told you this.

    I'm just here to tell you to go on that trip with your boyfriend. Portugal is a beautiful country ❤️ and it's such an affordable trip.

  19. So the family expected Op to warn her sister NOT TO FUCK HER BOYFRIEND in the chance he turned out abusive ??? The mental gymnastics of this “family” is amazing. Op need to stop being a doormat and cut contact with her POS family. And I thought I read everything on reddit.

  20. Your friend is envious and too judgmental.

    She could not get a guy like yours so she is trying her best to sabotage it. This is the type of friend that conceals herself as a friend but tbh she is a fake friend. Do not believe her. As long as you are happy with him and you treat each other well, her opinion does not matter.

    She is so low to even be with a married man. smh I sense envy from her

  21. I know you might not think you are lucky but you are. No kids, and you are still a young man barely hitting the prime of your life. You can put this all behind you with time and still have the best life. Itnjust won't be with this woman.

  22. You've changed and grown a lot since you've gotten married. Unfortunately, he is afraid of the change and is asking you to clip your own wings so he doesn't feel threatened.

    I'm also not sure why it should be 100% your job to do all the cooking and ironing but I guess that's your deal and I won't question that part of your relationship.

    What isn't healthy is if he is trying to keep you from maintaining healthy habits, making your own friends, being successful in your career and generally feeling good about yourself.

  23. Listen, tell him you don’t think it makes any sense that y’all can’t afford to fix up the nursery or go in a trip before the baby is born, but he has an extra couple thousand dollars to take an internet stranger on a getaway to the city? I would ask why he thinks it’s appropriate to do this at all, and then ask to see the messages where they have been planning this retreat with each other. If he’s hesitant to show you past messages and chats with her, just fucking end it. If he’s not confident that his banter and convos with this friend of his is strictly platonic and willing to show you- he’s emotionally cheating on you already and wants to take it to the next step on this trip, and is fully taking advantage of you being an absolute doormat in the relationship to do so. He doesn’t love you. You can decide if this is salvageable or not. But no loving husband or father to your children would spend a weekend away when you’re about a month off from giving birth and there’s work to do at the house that is still incomplete. Somethings up, and you need to get to the ugly bottom of it soon. Make sure you have friends or family that have space for you and the baby and be prepared to not be home when he gets back from his trip

  24. Any guy who’s a newlywed pursuing someone should automatically make him a disgusting piece of shit. Think of that.

  25. You have 2 choices imo:

    Set “hot kettle pot” approach (every-time you touch the pot, it burns) boundaries on his bullshit statements in an effort to divert his clearly set path of becoming a misogynist. You need to be 100% consistent. Do not tolerate it. Ever. Make it plain as day and clear that this behavior is not okay. Every-time. Sometimes people change. Sometimes people change for the sake of a friend. But know this, it's not your job to fix someone's problems. Only take on a level of responsibility you feel you can handle or want to handle. That being said.

    Bail. Remember all relationships are a form of transaction to some degree. In the case of friendship, you're trading (hopefully), companionship and wisdom. He doesn't sound like he's really providing much of that to you. So what do you get out of this relationship? He's turning into, if not already a woman hater, and is placing you on a pedestal. It sounds like he just wants a chaste obedient asian wife, and probably sees you as that too.

    Your call.

  26. Yes it's hard to have ADHD but we just have to workout ways to deal with it. By writing stuff down on a white board on the fidge with what leftovers we have in there. Making lists, storing stuff in clear containers ect. It's our own responsibility to do those things. Of course we can ask for help. Ultimately it's down to the person who has ADHD to make that effort though. You make it sound like it's not though? Like having ADHD is the reason to continue to do behaviors that impead both yourself and other's around you and not try to work on one's self to change that.

  27. I think I always feel a little bit bitter that he chose this over me, and I get that that’s probably a thought in play a little. But truly, I did want to always go with a friend, or someone, who also hadn’t gone.

    So I will go one day, I just don’t want to go with him and that makes him feel sad. We are probably going on another overseas holiday in the next few years, and that will be fine, but I just don’t want to go here with him. That’s just how I feel, and I’m sad if that’s unfair

  28. It's new to me, though. I haven't had to ask 1 person, then another 6, when everyone who would be involved is in the group chat already. I'll try to work on that, though, for sure.


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