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  1. I stopped taking anti depressants when I noticed my relationships suffering under me not being able to feel emotions as much anymore, in any direction. I felt really apathetic which did stop anxiety and panic attacks but I grew rather desperate because I Could Not Feel.

    In the end I weaned myself off of them. The therapy I was meant to have in tandem (you shouldn't just take the meds without any form of therapy or professional checkup!) didn't help much anyway because CBT is the wrong choice for someone who likely also has ADHD.

    Therapy and pills helped me crawl out of my depression hole far enough that I could manage without, until I got proper medical treatment of the issues that were deeply connected with anxiety and depression (I.e. gender dysphoria, body dismorphia).

    It also felt rather liberating, having that blurry filter removed from my eyes and feelings – I felt so much more alive.

    I'm thinking you're right in your perception of the situation but your wife has to understand this on her own terms because right now the pills keep her safe from feeling awful. There needs to be an alternative other than “just stop taking them” for her to consider and try out.

    Another thing is that hormonal shit does mess with your body, I remember citalopram just completely drying me tf out while sertraline was ok. Citalopram in combination with birth control pills and illness due to stress permanently fucked over my immune system and had me permanently lethargic for 8 years so far, with just this and last year showing recovery. But a friend of mine had a negative experience with sertraline and a positive with citalopram – it really depends on the individual.

    It will be tricky figuring out what may help your wife better than what she is currently taking because it can be a bit of a gamble every time and yeah, general doctors are also usually not properly trained to deal with these specifics other than slapping a pill on it.

    I'd recommend seeking a professional in the field, a psychologist/therapist – not necessarily to receive therapy if she doesn't want to but they're better informed on the medicine side as well.

    Again, it's a very individual thing so it may be a bit of a long journey, there is no sudden perfect fix unfortunately. And your wife has to feel comfortable with it as well.


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