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8 thoughts on “Ashlyn Peaks on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. imo its worse to straight up betray trust.

    If you did not have an open relationship (which evidently you didn't), you betrayed her trust every single time you cheated on her. You made the promise when you got into an apparently monogamous relationship and it doesn't matter how you justify your cheating; it was still a betrayal of her trust every time.

  2. Not even remotely normal. Most states have marital r@pe laws on the books now. You don't stop being fully human with a right to consent when the ring goes on your finger. Please do not marry this person.

  3. This sounds like the realization that your priorities are changing manifesting itself as anxiety. If your parents care about you they will come see your and their grandchild. But it's no longer your job to worry about their feelings. Your baby and wife will require more attention than you will want to even give at times.

  4. You two aren't compatible.

    He respects your boundaries, has healthy communication, and isn't forcing anything. In fact, he's so respectful, you've come here to discussion your intimate details, while he hasn't gotten what he wants, for your sake.

    You sound awful. It sounds like you don't even care about him, and you've come to reddit because you know that reddit hates men, and will support your hatred of making your man happy.

    Leave him be, he sounds too good for you.

  5. No. I would divorce her.

    Or tell her it's time for a new job, so that any and all contact with this dude is over.

    Keeping him around so that she can text him about a “work project”. Nah fuck all that.

    Tell her it's divorce time or new job and new rules time. Affair dude has to go, she needs to make amends and make the changes needed to regain trust from her husband.

  6. I told her that I couldn’t be with her if she continued to be cool with what I think it stalker like behavior

    you gave her the ultimatum.

    now your choice is: follow up on that ultimatum, or continue dealing with this behavior.

    clearly you're unhappy and she has little regard for your discomfort.

    is this really someone you want to continue being with–and trusting?


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