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  1. He may have cheated on you.

    It seems strange that he suddenly doesn't want you to come out with him. Why wouldn't he, unless he had something to hide?

    Now, I don't know him and this isn't proof, but it sure is suspicous

  2. I think I understand your anxieties and I also understand your bfs desire to be in a group like Freemasons. Maybe some sort of compromise like you two joining a church you both agree on and becoming active in their social and charitable work? One of your problems seems to be incompatibility with Christianity. I can't talk on details as I don't know about the Freemasons, but I do know that Christians will welcome you and that there are less politically conservative, more liberal churches.

  3. No, it's not and is actually against the law in many places. I would not marry a man that held this belief.

  4. I would consider this to be pretty insensitive and not accept it. It might even be a deal breaker for me. Why didn't he plan a trip with you while you were off work? What's the deal with his friend that he needs to do this special trip with her? I would have so many questions, and probably would not accept the answers anyway given how he just walked all over your feelings and relationship here.

  5. Just invite Mary. Idk what kind of friends you are but I'm always happy to make new friends and meet new people, and most people are well adjusted enough to handle making new friends as adults. I'm sure Mary will be just fine.

  6. Have you tried asking your doctor?

    And, you know, using lube?

    And not dating someone who was in high school on the day you were born?


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