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  1. I know it seems like there's no one better but there is. There's a tonne of guys out there who would never in a million years consider cheating on you. Plus convenience and gratitude aren't very good reasons for staying together.

  2. That’s not something you just find. It’s something you slowly build with someone you grow to love. Of course you’re not going to find it ready-made, it never is. Find a good person and do the buddy system, and see where that goes.

  3. Yeah and I usually do it. The problem is that even if I text her, the following days she'll sarcastically say “oh so you remember you have a house?”, “I thought you didn't want to come back anymore” and so on all the time. My whole life I've lied to stay out because of this, saying I was on a holiday somewhere and stuff like this. This time I was simply too tired and cold to do it, but it seems I'm not allowed to make a mistake even once.

  4. When I split up with my gf of 2 years she immediately slept with 2 guys and lied to me about it and carried on seeing me and telling me how much she missed me. Never spoke to her again once I found out

  5. An age old staple of life that you can guarantee to happen is that for some people, regardless of gender, safety is absolutely not a barrier to getting laid. In an ideal would nobody would just follow a stranger back to their car like they've know then for longer than 5 minutes, but being horny often overrides common sense.

  6. I’d bring up the risks of having a child with health issues. Also she probably wouldn’t get pregnant very easily anyway.

  7. You are dating a boy with a bird brain. He has the emotional IQ of zero and no, you can not fix someone who was brought up in an environment which supports such thinking. (Guy here). Time to broaden your horizons and find a more open minded STEM or other field guy – there are men like that, this boy isn’t in that class of guys and likely will never be. Just as a tidbit, in the corporate world his line of thinking will get him into serious hot water with the diversity and inclusion area of companies. They will literally demote and fire him if he were to espouse that line of thinking and create a hostile work environment.

  8. Please do not give in to his manipulation and verbal abuse. And also not to your families horrible attempts at manipulation. Depending on the complications your life could be on the line in a pregnancy, and calling pregnancy and childbirth “a little pain” is completely absurd. That is not a “little” pain. (Also: Not wanting children is valid and not childish in any way.)

    He doesn't care for you, he doesn't respect you. He is verbally and emotionally abusive and doesn't respect your boundaries or bodily autonomy. Please get yourself away from this aggressive, selfish person. Break up with this AH, and honestly: your “friends” and family sound really manipulative and overstepping, too. I hope you can get yourself to safety and heal from this aggressive attempt at manipulation.

  9. It's understandable that you are scared but after two years of no explanation and nothing even the calmes person will reach their limit. She can't know that what happened to you was actually so horrible that it takes you this long to trust someone, all she knows is that's she's eben understanding for two years and you still act like you don't trust her. Once again, after what you've gone through that's understandable but she doesn't know that.

  10. Why is it weird? I spoke with my partners mom all the time lol… moms will usually have a very different perspective about their kids, that’s why it’s an amazing place to dig in case that you are having “issues”

  11. Yikes, I had an eerily similar experience when I was younger. I took a girl to The Lion King play and she was out of character all night, crying, overly emotional. Wouldn't talk about it.

    She called and broke up with me the next day. Been planning it for awhile I guess. Man that was a bad week.

  12. It's not a whole new sexuality though, I had discussed this with him either very early on in our relationship or even prior to it. I don't remember exactly when it was said but it's not a brand-new thing.

  13. Definitely have a conversation. What could he do to make it easier for you? That’s something you have to think about. What would make you feel comfortable in trusting him? I don’t think you have to necessarily ask him for anything but honesty.

  14. Omg, tell us how it feels to lose 400 lbs off your back like that? It must feel amazing, but also, I’m sorry that you had to go through this.

  15. He was disgusting, inconsiderate to others in the house, and lazy. Then he screamed at you for fixing it. And then he refused to apologize, and berated you for being “disrespectful & defiant”. DEFIANT? Oh please. He’s wrong, wrong, WRONG.

    Can his method work? Maybe, but it’s questionable and also risky to the pipes. Is choosing that route worth grossing out and inconveniencing his family over? No.

    Also, the man needs to learn to use less tp and what a mid-poop flush is.

  16. Have a coffee and chat – she may have more to say, and you may too – but probably healthier to leave it there.

    You're a different person now and you've done a lot of work to move on. She's clearly done some growing up, but it would inevitably drag the past into the present and you'd find yourself reliving it and remembering things you've let go. Look to the future.

  17. Dude. The first time she ignored you was her telling you she's not interested. You have turned into an obsessive stalker, leave her the hell alone.

  18. I would suggest deleting it now then, and anything of yours that she has should be deleted as well.

  19. That means that 13 out of every 100 couples that uses them get pregnant because thier husband lied about the vasectomy

  20. There's not enough information in your post to give you a real answer. But a different question is why are you so hinged on whether they approve of your relationship or not??

  21. Work friends are just that. At the end of the day they're going to do what works best for them.

    And technically speaking, she's not doing anything underhanded. The shifts are supposed to be reposted every six months to give other people access to a more desirable shift. As a point off fact, one could say you're the the shady one, trying to squat on a shift far beyond the normal window of time.

  22. He may be the type to think “everybody likes it but they haven't realized” kind of person, which is amplified by the age-gap you guys have. It's probably his kink and not very considerate of your opinion if he keeps trying.

    Also another idea: If it's only during sex, if he's a sweetheart in any other context, what could be happening is that he had a long-term couple and it's super used to only one type of sex. Anyways thread carefully.

  23. Look, this is your life now with this guy. Friend's wedding? You're not invited. Visit to the hometown? Why bother going together, you won't be spending it with him.

    Your hope for a normal life is that he gets all new friends who don't know the past. Maybe that happens. Not everyone keeps up with their hometown friends.

  24. She told you that she was having her fun and told you to go have your fun.

    That's an indication that you are not exclusive.

    If you want to be with her exclusively. Stop playing stupid games. Go tell her.

  25. Of course I’m not saying he shouldn’t but paying bills at moms house is alot different than paying bills in your own house

  26. This doesn’t seem to deep to me. A) he’s getting older and looking older. He might be worried you’ll trade him in for a child. He was older than you are now when he started a relationship with a teenager. Maybe he’s worried about the situational irony of you getting somebody young. B) perhaps the vain and superficial compliments you give him make him self conscious about his motivations in pursuing a relationship with a teen as a man pushing 40? Maybe it was one thing for him to objectify you but he doesn’t like it for himself?

  27. I’m going to go against e everyone saying this is a little white lie.

    If she’s willing to lie about her age so you can like her. There will be tons of things she lie about in the future.

    Let’s break this down. She lied to you FOR MONTHS. Even before you started, she was lying. Her friends knew and told her to keep lying. She’s a liar.

    Idk about anyone else, but being a liar is the one of the worst things you can be. Idc about she was insecure about her age. If your insecurities have you lying for literal months to someone you claim to love, then maybe you’re not ready for a relationship.

    If I were you, I would not be interested in continuing a relationship with a liar.

  28. Yah, honey, he's been cheating. These are only the ones you found out about. Time to move on. You're so young, you have so much life ahead of you!

  29. Journals are not meant to be read by other people. You shouldn’t have read it, and now that you have you shouldn’t be mad at things she wrote. People vent and work through all sorts of issues in journals.

    You should apologize for reading it and try to move on. If you can’t get passed her inner most turmoil at various times over twenty years, then get divorced, but you won’t be a martyr.

  30. I'm not calling him a perv. I'm saying that OP implied that he is a perv. By saying the she was “judging him heavily” by the average age of girls at a Taylor Swift concert, she's implying that a grown man has no place at a concert predominantly patronized by young underage women.

    The use of the word “judging” can be viewed as particularly harsh; the only people who await judgment are in court. Judging also implies finality.

    Most men(myself included) won't go near or talk to a child that is not his in fear of being arrested over a misunderstanding, carrying a stigma that never goes away.

    Judging(court). 15 year old girls(underage). Is it really that much of a reach in your mind?

  31. I think he has an Oedipus complex or something, given how he idolizes how his mother probably coddled him. So anything you do is subpar.


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