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  1. It’s fair to ask for a certain amount back every month or whatever she is earning a percentage back. The person transitioning has nothing to do with you but their own choice it should of been a responsible one the least to say before even thinking of asking support from you with regards to payment.

  2. It's not every single meal but once she uses it, it goes straight in the wash.

    Does… does she run an entire wash cycle just to wash one tea towel on its own?

    If the answer is 'yes'… wtf?

    If the answer is 'no' then your argument about washing it producing more waste doesn't really hold water(if you'll pardon the pun).

    If the problem is that you run out before the wash gets done, go get more towels or some cloth napkins.

    This is such a non-issue I'm curious if this isn't just a single instance of a larger underlying conflict in values or housekeeping styles.

  3. So your gonna ignore the underage pictures YOU used to send…. The problem with people like this when they want children, eventually children grow up, I don’t even know if your relationship is gonna last until 20 before he’s grooming another 15 year old or younger. Hundreds of people are giving you advice and you’re just ignoring it. Does that seem mature to you, do you really sound like a grown-up?? You’re immature, you’re young and that’s exactly what he likes about you and you will not be young forever. And a part of me thinks you’re acting this way because you know that.

  4. Thank you for your insight. I really appreciate your perspective on the situation and I will have a think on what you have said ♥️

  5. I know that he’s receiving images of a woman who has not consented to it and instead of doing literally anything he’s letting it ride as a grown man of 43 who should have developed a spine and/or a conscience at this point but if you think that’s all fine that’s great for you.

  6. That is not necessarily true re: counselling. I’ll agree with what someone else said in another three below – sometimes a ‘mediator’ (counsellor, therapist) can coax things out in the open that someone may find too difficult to be direct with their partner about.

    I agree with those who said that if the issue is not resolved you may need to go your separate ways, but if you truly love her and were hoping to spend your life with her please don’t throw in the gauntlet until you’ve at least tried this.

  7. „so yeah im dating a guy that is over 10 years older than me and turns out he likes underaged girls“ truly shocking.

  8. You didn't ask what he was looking for until after sex, and then he told you. I don't think either of you did anything wrong; he's right, you just want different things.

    If you're looking for something serious, it's best to state that up front. Especially considering you guys met on tinder, so the expectation is pretty much just casual hooking up, in my experience.

    I will say, though, that if I was casually texting someone I had slept with literally one time, and they started sending me voice memos about their feelings, I would probably never text them again.

  9. It sounds like he wasn’t really athletic in the sense that he had a passion for exercise as much as he had a passion for eating with a sport as a hobby that kept the side effects in check.

    A lot of people are able to mask a disordered relationship with food because they’re doing sports, but once they get out of college and need to keep up with it they gain a ton of weight.

  10. She has friends to stay with.

    I see where your daughter got her horrible attitude, ignorance, etc from though.

    You're missing the entire point, 40 year old with a 19 year old daughter who got knocked up when she was a stupid child herself. She has places to go. She has friends to go stay with. And she is an adult, so let her get a taste of being an independent adult.

    You're a bad parent because you raised a disrespectful 19 year old who treats you like shit (we see now you taught her to do this yourself) and who has no concept of the adult world. She is still FULLY a child. She is living in her childhood as a 19 year old adult in your house and you're powerless to stop her. You did not raise her.

    Like do you understand that concept? She is your child, but you did not raise her. She is not raised. She is not acting like a 19 year old young adult transitioning into adulthood, she's acting like a bratty 10 year old who knows if she just stamps your feet and ignores you you'll eventually run out of steam and go away.

    Because you yourself are a 40 year old child who never grew up.

    I'm not a lunatic. You're just broken, and you broke your daughter, and are not even smart enough to see it.


    If this is actually your daughter and not a stepdaughter, you created this monster. It’s nude to course correct at this point when you’ve been permissive and not set or enforced boundaries. She has no respect for you and why would she? There are no consequences for her. Seems to me you need to give her 30 days notice to either pay her rent, clean her room, and perform a set of tasks you lay out for her or she needs to move out.

    I'm not the only one who sees you, you utter moron


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