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  1. My mum and dad are both very dark hair, dark eyes. My mum has olive skin, my dad is fair. I was the goldilocks of the family. I have fair skin, but different tone to my dad, curly hair and light brown eyes.

    When we were children, you could not tell that I was my brother and sister's sibling or even my parents' child. After their split, there were rumours spreading that I wasn't my father's daughter. When we reached our teens, my sister and I started to look more alike with a few minor features. I still look nothing like my brother. My mum calls me her “throwback”.

    Point is, it happens. DNA and genes are interesting, you can never quite tell what someone's going to come out with. I hope your daughter doesn't feel any different to her siblings.

    If it's a huge concern, get a paternity test done. If it doesn't match, then you have your answer.

    I would greatly recommend having a conversation with those who think it's appropriate to make comments about a little girl's DNA. I've been that little girl and hearing that stuff, even when you don't fully understand, is scary and confusing. It's obviously aimed at you, but they're going to pull your child into this situation when she just deserves love and comfort from her family. Don't let them pull favourites either. Don't put up with that shit. If not for your sake, for your child's. Your husband should be pulling them up for it too.


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