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48 thoughts on “Anastaxialynn online webcams for YOU!

  1. I'm not taking it personally, im literally laying everything down. It's YALL taking it personally. Acting like im actually his girlfriend. Telling me you hope I never date people or get married. Last I checked, that was YALL. Not me. So immediately cut that out. And then you went on a whole personal rant about destroying someones life as if youre the BF

    Also the Johnny depp and Amber heard situation is literally such an ass explanation for your argument. Because youre literally saying that when only a minority of her claims were deemed false. And johnny depp lied too LMAO. Plus, youre saying that we shouldn't believe the victim, but HAVE to believe the offender until proven otherwise.

    ALSO what in the ass fuck does any of that have to do with what I said? I take take some time for your self, not accuse him of rape and then go to jail.

    Y'all prove time and time again you don't give two shits about what's actually going on and only care about making him look innocent when I laid everything on the table for you.

    You want me to take it personally? Fine. Fuck you. You've openly just admitted that you think no one should believe a potential victim, but should believe a potential rapist. Oh, rape accusations ruin lives? How's that president that America had, oh wait, how's the majority of Hollywood going? Yeah, fucking brain deal logic if you ask me. Fuck off.

  2. Get a sex toy. Youd be suprised at how real it feels. Sometimes its even better than sex. Id recommend satisfyer or any pocket p. Its less than $100 remember to get some lube. If youre still feeling this way after – its an issue beyond sex and perhaps you should explore more options.

    Wife has a lot of ongoing medical issues, constant pain, meds, work stress, lack of sleep etc. so I understand why she doesn’t want it.

    If its constantly and consistant with this for 11 months then it might be youre tired of initiating and getting rejected. Just communicate and voice your feelings. You got this.

  3. You're 19. You are not going to be single forever. And don't date because of peer pressure. Save yourself for someone you actually like.

  4. Pps. I take 20 mg Lexapro. My daughter takes 30 mg Father took Lexapro. I have another daughter who takes Lexapro.

  5. I suppose you have a point. It's good to hear an outside perspective, from people whose judgement isn't clouded by emotions

  6. It was already killing me when we were dating, because he was constantly talking about his exes and had no clear boundaries with one of them.

    Whenever I expressed how it was making me uncomfortable he would say I was overly jealous and it wouldn’t be a problem if I had a better self esteem.

    I wouldn’t want to be the cause of a problem in his next relationship.

  7. Your husband is a grown man. No one can force or influence him into hitting you if he truly believed it was wrong to do so.

  8. The hypocrisy is enough for me to say no. I also have never experienced a relationship where it's actually a one time thing and then I never hear about it again. That's a line I've heard to get a foot in the door a few times. I don't especially care personally, but hypocrisy and lying are very hot nopes for me.

  9. Does your wife know you are uncomfortable bathing with your kids or has it just never come up? Personally I don't think it's an issue to bathe babies and family members together, but if you have a prior history with your wife knowing that you're a bit more conservative it would have been good to give you a heads up about it. I sleep with my toddler and when we were having my second there was a chance she'd need to stay with the grandparents. Both my MIL and my partner asked if I was comfortable with my MIL sleeping with my toddler since she's used to someone in the bed with her

  10. Some sort of trauma bond going on?

    If that’s what he wants let him have it and move on yourself, sorry hun, I reckon that’s best moving forward.

    What do you want to do?

  11. Sounds like she doesn't like the fact that you shit talked the state her family lives in an is ghosting you

  12. You hit the nail on the head he is trying to force an ILY out of you to “lock you down” when you say it back. It isn't awkward or wierd for you to not say it back, it's completely inappropriate for him to use that language so early in the relationship and it reeks of desperation and insecurity. When I was a teen I had a girl break up with me for this, and he is no teen. He is to old to think 2 months is an appropriate time for the L-bomb.

  13. Your friend feels shamed because he is a coward.

    He is redirecting his self-loathing at you in the form of anger, so that he doesn't feel the full effect of his own cowardice.

    He wants you both to be cowards if it happens again, so that he doesn't feel so emasculated next time.

  14. But it is the point. Saying no outright can be really dangerous.

    The problem is that some men get really mad and take it personally when you say no. They are insulted that you would dare to refuse them. You never know which seemingly nice guy will not take the answer no gracefully.

    You keep arguing that men will default to taking the No and leaving you alone. And that’s simply a naive answer. Many men will not and it’s dangerous to take the chance.

  15. Exactly, he’s in his environment and is continuing his normal daily life with friends. I just feel like I rarely know what he’s up to, and if I want to know I have to ask him. I don’t necessarily have a bad feeling. I know he’s committed to me. It’s more that, idk, I feel like if he really missed me and was yearning for me like I am for him he’d be telling me and doing more to show me that. If that makes sense

  16. I mean, if you're not willing to date someone who is physically involved with other people then I get it. I'm the same.

    But if you're not willing to date someone who isn't immediately so in love with you on date one that they're willing to be exclusive immediately, then that's your choice, but you may be missing out.

    Dating multiple people in a truly “get to know you” kind of way, no sex, kissing or even handholding, helped me feel like I had the space to figure out if I was interested in romance without dealing with the weight of someone's expectations that we were immediately an item from the moment we met. And for me, it felt really weird to have to decide how I felt about someone when meeting them for the first time (live! dating.)

    After having someone move waaaay too fast emotionally, it made me feel safe that the guy I was seeing knew I was dating others and didn't freak out about it or act like he owned me from the moment we met. It only took me a few dates to settle on one guy, but I think we're both glad that he didn't give me an ultimatum after one date, considering that we're still very happy together nearly 5 years later.

  17. I know he won’t ever trust me but I can’t bear the thought of losing him.

    Lmfao hope karma gets you, you deserve whatever backlash comes your way and your boyfriends deserve so much better. Hopefully he'll break up with you and find himself a better girl, that's what he deserves, not a desperate cheater who can't keep her legs closed

  18. In any relationship communication is key. There is nothing wrong with the way you feel. Everyones feelings are valid and if your boyfriend loves you he will understand. A first kiss is also an amazing experience and I love being the “kiss initiator” in my relationship with my wife and I would bet your boyfriend would have no problem helping you feel comfortable if he cares about you. Have fun!

  19. My fiancee had a coworker flat out ask “wanna eat me out?” And I've never wanted to go fight someone so badly before lol, made my fiancee so uncomfortable and I don't like someone being disrespectful to her or our relationship.

    OP doesn't seem the type to ask “hey is this guy gay or?” and just sorta jumps to his own conclusions. A lot of women make the same social media posts as OP's gf, she's probably been posting like that for ages and its just become her norm so she doesn't see it as inappropriate. As for the not texting, I still feel it was to give herself some space from OP hence the “I miss him so much” post but not reading his messages. I don't know though, I'm not her

  20. I never ever tell people they should leave their relationships…but this person doesn't care about you.

  21. Let him have his guy space. I wouldn't want my husband with me at my hair appointment because its me time. Likewise, I dont want to attend my son's barber shop appointments.

  22. We learn from mistakes. Accept the fact you do and will make mistakes. Understand why/how the mistake was made. You can't change if you ignore your faults. Otherwise, you're living in a loop of idiocracy. Miserable.

  23. That complication you're feeling is that you are a creep you preys on girls who are your daughters age.

    You are disgusting and I hope your daughter has the most incredible life without her pedophile sperm donor

  24. As someone in a pretty long relationship myself, the idea I’d ever throw away near a decade of love for something like what you said is abhorrent. He should be supporting you for sharing something so scary and intimate. I’m sorry this happened OP.

    yeah not to be apathetic but this guy sounds like a fragile little asshole.

  25. DO NOT risk the opportunity to go to your dream school for a high school relationship.

    The early college experience is one of the most fun times you’ll ever have in your life. If he’s not willing to make a commitment to you while you are trying to better yourself, then he’s not worth your time

  26. Idk who would downvote my comment lmao people are hilarious.

    He doesn‘t want to talk to you. He doesn‘t put in effort and doesn‘t care.

    You don‘t need a person like him, you need someone who atleast talks to you about big decisions and includes you into his life.

  27. It's just romantically we're doing fine and she does have a lot of good qualities outside of sexual stuff so it would suck to leave her in terms of friendship it's just getting really hard to cope with her autism in sexual situations

  28. Buddy. No. This is just such stupid stuff coming from two grown adults.

    You have already broken up TWICE, your BF has already one foot out the door and has a backup plan. You two can't communicate and the trust is broken.

    Move on and take some time from dating. This is not a relationship worth salvaging.

  29. i don’t know how i would do that lol?

    there’s been times i’ve been sat on top where it looks like his penis is attached to me, and i know he finds that hard especially if i play with it, i suppose that’s the closest it’s gotten

  30. I'll just say this: both times my partner said he didn't want me going through his phone because of “privacy”, he was hiding something.

  31. . I want it to work out between us

    Why? What does he have that you could not replace in a new boyfriend?

  32. Omg, how on earth is it shallow to have BASIC HYGIENE as the absolute bare minimum requirement to be with someone. How can you even stand to touch him or have him touch you???? The bar is not just low, it’s buried deep in the ground and still this ‘man’ can’t manage to crawl over it. This is all absolutely disgusting, get away as soon as possible and your life will be so much better.


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