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Anastasiya_korollive sex stripping with Live HD

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Model from: ua

Languages: en,ru

Birth Date: 1993-01-04

Body Type: bodyTypeCurvy

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorBrown

Subculture: subcultureStudent

3 thoughts on “Anastasiya_korollive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. So, this guy claims to be trans and lesbian, but only in secret (super convenient)? And he wants to join a girls trip with people 10-15 years younger, including a woman who has rejecting him before, because he is still a guy? And your “friends” calling you transphobic because this makes you uncomfortable? If you really want to stay “friends” with them stress that you are simply still traumatised after being raped and that you are not ok with a man joining your trip that has expressed an interest in you. Then press on their emotional buttons and guilt trip them. In the end you can offer them to take Carla on another girls trip once she is further in her transition and is no longer presenting as male. Personally I would start looking for ither friends.

  2. well first of all, you didnt write anywhere in your write up that you also saved up 150k. So when you say you make 7x less, why would one think you could match him. You didnt say you matched him. You stated that he told you he had 300k and you were pissed off that it was half his brothers. So your storytelling is sad! Be clearer next time. And if you and your guy have a combined 300k, I dont really want to hear about any complaining to be honest! You know how many out there are struggling to make rent payments and get groceries and youre sitting here whining about “we only have 300k”. Tough petunias 🙂


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