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  1. Nor everyone has shit to hide. My wife and don't, and have had password. We use each others phones interchangeably. Only people you have things to hide from their SO, are worried about “phone invasion”.

    To qualify, if it a work phone or has sensitive information on, I would understand. But a work phone should not be used for personal stuff. God knows who has access to that phone.

  2. he broke up with me

    he still wants to be friends, he has no problems with some things that we did in the relationship to continue. Like cuddling and sleeping in the same bed. Yes I know, I'm a whole circus and a half. I'm really doing it to myself when I let him have this relationship benefits after he did this to me.

    SAY NO. It is that easy, and that naked.

    “Tyrion, I am not able to be your friend right now, I need time apart to process the break up and to adjust to our new relationship status, and I cannot do that while we cuddle and sleep in the same bed. Let's cool it until the new year and then maybe we can hang out as platonic non-cuddling friends.”


  3. That's why they call love a leap of faith, buddy.

    Do you think she knows how you feel about her? Seems like she took the first step before you did.

    Don't be afraid of what other people think of you, the consequences of disapproval are much more worthless than it feels.

  4. Doesn't sound like he ACTUALLY wants this marriage. He's just willing to show up and play a part on the wedding day. That isn't a partnership. That isn't what marriage is about.

    You want to marry a guy who doesn't see a reason why he should marry you?

    I agree with your mom. You should rethink this choice.

  5. I can't fathom having a partner and not kissing them for that long, or just not showing affection.

    It sounds like you guys are roommates more than anything else. I think this is as much her fault as you believe it is yours, possibly more. She could very well be using you for comfort, finances, and stability. That's awful.

    She's already admitted she would be with a woman if you broke up and that raises a red flag immediately. I have nothing against LGBTQ+ or people figuring out their orientation, but it makes me wonder why she's with you when she shows absolutely zero desire. It also sounds like there's no real communication.

    There is no coming back from this. Make a break, move out, how she lives or figures out her own life is up to her. Not you. You owe her nothing.

    I think you also need to see a therapist and work on being able to stand up for your needs and wants and communicate these. It might also help to work on your self-esteem and self-worth too.

  6. Sounds like he was planning to break it off anyway, and used you going through his journal as an excuse. I'd let that go. He sounds flighty.

  7. Your relationship is doomed. I don't approve your ex having an emotional affair, but you constantly snooping her phone and checking her conversations constantly with her friends is so abusive and controlling that this relationship is beyound toxicity.

    I normally dont judge the phone snooping if you see something weird or had a gut feeling after a weird behavior. Is not ok, but you have grounds for suspicion. You my dude were snooping her conversations with her friends and was expecting to see “funny pictures” that your wife did not want to share with you. You violated her privacy over and over again for no good reason and eventually discovered what can potential be an emotional affair reading her group chat. Worst part is, maybe she was the other woman, but she didn't cheat on you because you are not even sure if you guys were together.

    So maybe this was none of your business because you weren't together.

    Get help and I hope she dumps you quicker than you can post an update on reddit.

  8. I read that as he can come after the dinner, but I guess we need op to clarify that because usually you don’t need an invitation to the ceremony.

  9. You should not be in a relationship that pushes you beyond your control.

    He shouldn't give you anxiety attacks/drive you to your lowest anxiety points. If he does, he's not worth it. I promise it's much easier to be single than to be with someone that pushes you to the brink of your emotions frequently enough to feel like your on a rollercoaster.

  10. Deflection is a common theme with these jackasses. Like when they accuse you of cheating because they're actually cheating


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