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  1. 23, you could and will find a better gf. she cheated on you even if she admits to fucking them then says its nothing because they're in a relationship together. its still cheating(if she tries using this excuse tell her to fuck off). my advice is if she did cheat leave her because if you forgive her (which you wont and the images of her being porked by another man will run in your head and kill attraction toward her) then chances are she will lose a ton of respect for you and in the future probably contact that couple again. some girls get head spun when they get used and treated like meat sexually and its addictive. sexually desensitized. think of it like this. youre getting drunk on whine coolers and shes getting fucked up on oxys. these are just my thoughts obviously i dont know the extent of your relation. find out n consider your options and for god sakes think about your needs not your wants. we all want to fix a relation with the ones we care for but sometimes its best to move on for your sake and hers.

  2. Will definitely feel the vibes before I jump into this, but judging on messages he still seems keen on me. I guess he wouldn’t want to see me while I’m visiting if he didn’t too haha

  3. You literally asked her though, and she gave an honest and correct answer.

    Ever considered that maybe your son's behaviour is why they don't get on?

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  5. I did mention it to her I said something like “Travis was being very weird he ran his hand up my thigh.”, but I again downplayed it. She got cold with me and and now it’s always awkward between us. I’m sure, like I said in my post, he got to her first and casually mentioned something different.

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  7. Please have a pinch of self respect.

    You should have ended it when she cheated. The next good monent to end it was when she tried to turn this on you and tell you that you were controlling. Then when she flirts with another guy in front of you would have also been a good time to break up. This is one of the most disrespectful things a woman can do.

    You clearly have ver different values and, I think she is not a good person at all. It is not a wierd situation, you just picked a “Instert bad word” to be your gf and you did not end it in any of these situations where you should have. Honestly this woman does not even deserve a break up talk. Just block her everywhere and go on with your life.

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  9. See you are trying to decide if this girl is wife material for you or not. Based on the company she keeps I would say no. You’re better off without her. Break up with her before the wedding since you don’t trust her rightfully so

  10. Thank you, I feel like this is something that we must remember. Yeah, it’s inconvenient under certain circumstances, but it’s largely meant to save lives and protect people who could very well be in danger.

  11. Yeah OK so then don't say it has nothing to do with her. If you think I'm capable of sticking a turkey blaster full of your old cum up myself because I want to trap you so badly then I don't want to be having sex with you.

  12. People are cruel and selfish guys are particularly bad at that. You haven't talked in a week keep going don't go back to him it will keep happening and it'll get worse and you'll end up more and more hurt until you're a shell of the person you used to be. The only thing now is to keep moving forget about him it gets easier the longer you don't talk you're so young and I know it feels like you're lost now. But you will find your way.

  13. A week before this, I was crying explaining to her that I thought she didn’t love me any more and that I wanted our marriage to last, but always seemed like she didn’t care about me anymore.

    And her reaction was to leave for a week while sexting with a family friend?

    Oh, buddy.

    There’s more to this that you’re not saying because you want to believe that your wife loves you as much as you love her. Her actions through all of this say otherwise.

  14. There is a likelihood that the guy you dated, has issue with you being taller than him so he wanted to neg you so you don't notice that he's a shorter dude. I don't stick with guys like that, thou. I have dated men who are shorter than myself, but the ones I ended up dating for longer time, were the ones who never made fun of my shape/body. That's like the most base requirement, imo, beside, be a good person tbh. 🙂 So please don't get hung up on this one. Drop him like he's very hot trash 🙂

    My early 20s was horrendous because for a couple of years I developed ED due to people acting like that around me. I became sickly then got a lotta hair loss due to that, so please do NOT slid into that phase.

    When you're older like me, (I've also been married for a long time now) this thing, the weight thing/body image issue is not as prevalent as when we're younger, that's what I realize. I have other things I focus on these days. Health is one of them.

    If I have to give you any suggestion is to keep yourself healthy. Physically and mentally. Physically by taking care of yourself, you have a good weight already, don't worry about losing weight because you're not overweight, you're healthy. If you think you want to lose a little bit more just to fit better into your clothes, go for it, just remember that you are already perfect as you are.

    Eat well and start taking care of yourself more. Don't forget also for your mental health, cut TOXIC people from your life. Or if you can't fully cut them off (because some of those toxic people are family in my case, you go low contact with them).

    Choose only people who are good for you in your life, this also means your dating life. 🙂 You're young, you have many prospects, don't stick with the ones who act like the one you're dating right now. You deserve the best. Take care.

  15. Yep and if she is in education visa then the school should where she goes to find accommodation for 3 months once lease is up not expect a guy you have been dating for two months to allow you to move in.

  16. The two of you are incompatible in terms of dealbreakers, relationship expectations and short term ambitions.

    Best to go your separate ways as soon as possible so that you can each find a more compatible date or long term partner. Good luck!

  17. As someone who’s dated many shady characters and flat out liars: she’s lying bro. She’s straight up gas lighting you. I’d end the relationship on this alone. If you can’t recover those messages, pull up your phone records and at least show her she’s a fucking liar and tell her: since it had to come to this for you to stop lying and gas lighting me, we’re getting a divorce. Go see a lawyer. At best, it’s an emotional affair, at worst, she’s fucking him. Either way, she’s not worth wasting a second more of your life on. You’re 26, there’s plenty of time to start over. I didn’t get married till 32 and I’m so glad I waited for the right guy. A guy who’s loyal and gives me the transparency I give him. You’re not crazy. You’re not wrong. Your wife is manipulative and psychologically/emotionally abusing you. This is abuse. Gas lighting is abuse. You have every right to leave for someone hiding things regarding ppl of the opposite sex. You don’t need to see the nudes she sent or catch them together to leave. Just prioritize yourself bc she isn’t prioritizing you, and leave her lying ass in the dust. You deserve better than this. None of this is your fault. Best of luck.

  18. Your concerns regarding your baby are totally valid, however you could be more sympathetic here. Your partner tried to kill himself, and you're complaining about him being unsupportive? Clearly, he's dealing with some serious issues, and to be brutally honest, his life does take priority over supporting you emotionally here. He needs help, but that's not your burden to bear.

    Distancing yourself is the best course of action to keep yourself and your baby safe, for sure. If you can, speak with your family or close friends, people you trust, about the situation – Hopefully they can offer you some emotional support.

    Good luck OP, to both you and your little one!

  19. Don't call it an ultimatum then.

    Tell him exactly what you like/dislike, how you expect to be treated and how you expect him to behave towards you and tell him how you will behave in return etc. If he does none of those things, kick him into touch.

    If you're at the point of having to give someone an ultimatum, you're half way out the door anyway but everyone deserves a second chance. Just not a third one.

  20. My partner and I don’t have the same hobbies at all, but we respect that the hobbies we do have enrich our lives and make us happy

  21. Why on earth are you even thinking ? Just run. You need to think about why you have low self esteem …..

  22. He played you. Just break up with him. And don’t let him back. Your gut was right the first time.

  23. He’s 41 and has been married 4xs? That didn’t tell you that maybe marrying him wasn’t a good idea? Lol

  24. Honestly you will never know for sure. But one thing that is true,your cousin is an AH and does not deserve your time, or help. Any person that will say that doesn’t care who they hurt. She was just mad because you weren’t at her beckon call. And after this, you should never do it again. What she did is the most bridge burning hurtful thing any human could do to hurt another. At this point if it’s true or not isn’t the issue. It’s her lashing out at you for not watching her kids. That’s not your problem and should never be again.

  25. Can they be cured? Maybe, maybe not. Problem is, she will find a new person that will be interested in her and slowly get her to like him. I think this is inevitable, however, perhaps therapy could make it so she would notice this coming in early and stop it then and there.

    If you were to stay you should make it clear you might act insecure and controlling regarding her male friends considering her patterns.

    Also, if you were to consider staying, make sure, you have a good way out financially. I don't know how, but you need to be in position whee in case of fall out you have a place you own and can live in regardless of her.

  26. Next time your faces are close, say “Can I kiss you?”, and she will say yes or no. Proceed accordingly.

    Consent is everything, you shouldn’t just kiss somebody when you’ve never even had a conversation about liking each other.

    Best of luck!

  27. Pretend to give him one more chance until you get his phone unlocked and free around you. Take phone, delete every photo of yourself in deshabille from it and the cloud, factory reset it, block him everywhere, and never speak to him again.

  28. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but this is the moment you choose between him and your future. I’d say you’re not compatible anymore because of different future views. I’d definitely move to Europe (though I am already living there as a native, so I’m biased) but you’d love it here I’m sure. My point being, he’s not going to budge on this from what I’ve been reading here. It’s up to you whether or not to adjust your future life. Is he worth staying here for? Have you really thought everything out? From cultural differences to workplaces to housing?

  29. You know your parents the best, do you feel they have positively reacted to everything so far?

    You could tell him something like:

    That was your past relationship.

    This is our relationship.

    They are not the same.

    I've talked to my parents about us and they're excited to meet you! They're nice people and nothing like your exes parents.

    I know you're nervous, I would be too if I was meeting yours. But I will be there with you every step of the way.

    And hey, here are some tips to make a good impression. My parents like when people do xyz.


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