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  1. I understand them talking about it all especially with each other but I’d rather just exit out the group instead of having them adjust everything for me

  2. If the LOVE is gone from your relationship (other than friendship), your sex-life is non-existent (but reverses course once you announce your intention to date other women) and you're no longer attracted to your wife, the marriage is pretty much finished and in the final death-throes.

    Your STB-EX sounds like she needs to get into counseling for herself to come to terms with the ending of your relationship. Constantly threatening divorce is SO unhealthy and does NEITHER of you any good. It's well past time that your STB-EX realizes this and moves on. I understand the “fear of the unknown” but it doesn't sound like she's been any more engaged in the relationship than you and is only panicking NOW because she sees your intent to move on yourself.

    You MAY want to see a relationship counselor to help you detach from each other and divide your belongings in a “safe space!” I stayed in my marriage for another 7 years after my husband cheated and constantly would beg him to go to marriage counseling. One day I woke up and said “I'm done and I want a divorce!” THEN he started talking about marriage counseling and the therapist even told him that he “waited” far too long and there was NO way that counseling would help at that point. Though we DID remarry after we were divorced for a couple of years. We were ALWAYS friends first which helped A LOT!

    I am sorry that your relationship has broken but it DOES happen, especially if one partner gives up or stops trying. One thing that NEVER changed in our relationship was a healthy sex life and our attraction to each other. I just couldn't get past the betrayal until we actually worked through it (didn't help that AP was a former close friend of ours).

    Best wishes and many Blessings for a brighter future and better relationship!


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