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4 thoughts on “????? ??? ????? the very hot on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. i know that logically you're right but i don't think my heart will let me throw away months of good for a few of bad

  2. Alright…I'll play along…lets take it ONE AT A TIME, shall we?

    1.) I never said that grabbing the girls ass was “brotherly-sisterly playing”.

    I suggested that she could respond as though it WERE while covertly sending

    the two messages I identified. I offered this as a suggestion because

    she, herself, did not want to disrupt the festivities. She felt this so strongly

    that she even reported she was thinking of not attending later functions and

    considered telling her parents. Are we clear?

    2.) And yes, practically every family DOES have an embarrassing member who

    is “handsy”, alcoholic, sociopathetic or whatever and all families deal with it

    differently. Anybody who is at ALL familiar with the current Holiday underway

    knows that this is accurate and there have been dozens of such complaints

    right here on this venue. Now are we clear about That?

    3.) “Incest” is defined as “sexual intercourse between individuals too closely

    related to marry”, Genius. I read her post a couple of times and never did see

    where he stuck his cock in her. Matter of fact, AFAIK she got a pinch on the

    Butt. Please let me know if I got the expugated version of the Post.

    4.) Each and every training session offered to children regarding in-appropriate

    behaviors such as touching, fondling, kissing and rubbing etc AL finish with

    regular and emphatic encouragement to SAY something to an adult. I have

    taught those classes and overseen those classes being taught.

    I'd end by telling your supercillious ass to go Fuck itself….

    but I think thats understood.

  3. If sheโ€™s having pain during sex, there could be a few different medical reasons. If she thinks that could be the cause then she can speak to her doctor about investigating and treatment.

    The other reason could be sheโ€™s not actually over her โ€œtraumasโ€ and sheโ€™s not as excited (both emotionally, and natural lubrication-wise) as you and/or her think. If sheโ€™s not adequately into it when you have sex then she wonโ€™t be wet enough for it to be enjoyable. Again, seeking a professional could help with this.

    Either way, itโ€™s her decision whether or not to seek help, all you can do is encourage gently. If itโ€™s affecting your relationship negatively, and she wonโ€™t seek help, then you know sheโ€™s not willing to put in work to figure out the issue, and youโ€™ll have to figure out if this is a deal breaker or not. You can only control your actions, not hers


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