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  1. I'm not saying you should or have to stay with him by any means, but there are a lot of myths around sociopathy out there and in these comments.

  2. dude her kids safety is more important than her MILs mental illness. it is not this lady’s responsibility to take care of her, it’s the woman’s responsibility to take care of herself.

  3. If you genuinely believe that you do, you exist somewhere on the line between extreme stupidity and legitimate psychosis.

  4. Midlife crisis? Malcontent? Head up his ass? All this and more? Read his body language and facial expressions ignoring the words he’s spewing. Then read between the lines. You stated he specifically went there for this experience so he may have issues to be worked out. If you see potential then it may be helpful to work through them together or think of starting over with someone that doesn’t have promise. Your decision

  5. So I went and read your update… Please tell me you kicked this “friend” to the curb… no one needs that in their lives. I feel bad for you and bf. She's what they call a malignant narcissist. I'm glad she showed her true colors. Best of luck in the future!!!!?


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