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  1. If you are so adamant against getting a paternity test, its really not looking good for your case lol. It sounds like you did cheat since the only thing that can resolve this is pure facts. And you doing mental gymnastics about “abloohhoo he thinks its with his brother!!” Is bullshit too as many have already told you. Stop posting about this and get a fucking paternity test.

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  3. If it makes you uncomfortable, and you’d like a partner that doesn’t talk to ex partners that’s okay. You know that about yourself and it’s okay for that to be a deal breaker.

    Given your age I am wondering if in fact this ex is just a high school/childhood friend. They went to prom- “dated” and are now friends. That could be the case here but as an said earlier, if you feel uncomfortable that’s okay.

    I’d talk to her and tell her how you feel about it. If she understands then great, if not, you have your answer.


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