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  1. I'm sorry, the holidays are just really taxing when family behaves poorly.

    Your mother does not know better and she genuinely believes that she she is doing is in your best interest. She is not going to change and you can't make all of the internal changes that will make this easier by Christmas.

    Here are some things that you can do: Plan your time with family carefully and keep social time brief. Put out the effort to be cheerful and charming no matter how things are going. The more your mother heaps praise on your partner's sister, the more you agree. Circulate! Avoid the people most likely to say hurtful things and keep yourself busy. Most importantly: let your partner know that you will need some extra (positive) attention during the gathering. He knows how your family works and he should try to run interference and change the subject if things get dicey.

    You can handle this and you have to set yourself up with rewards for enduring family holiday gatherings.

  2. Best advice I ever heard when I was 25 and broke up with my 37 year old boyfriend:

    “If a man can't get a woman his own age to date him, it's because she won't put up with his immature bullshit.*”

    (I put * because I know this isn't the case in all age gap relationships, but I've found it to be true in every case I've heard)

    I'm 30 now, and even the five years difference makes me see how absolutely disgusting and taken advantage of I was with that old man. You should not need to ask incessantly for love from your partner and continue to feel you're empty. You deserve as much love as you give freely to your child, your family, your friends. Life could be so much better without this guy around.

  3. Fuck that’s rough dude. I’m sorry. It’ll take a long time to fully accept it and that’s okay. But please understand that if her feelings are gone then the relationship is over. Don’t imprison yourself hoping it’ll change or settle for a loveless/sexless marriage. End it.

    Your in for a long path of pain friend. And no, don’t ever convince yourself you deserve it, you don’t. Good luck

  4. I'm trying to figure out what profession exactly his wife is in that this is okay to her.

    Like is she a model and he's a photographer, and they're going on a vacation together to network or something?

    Do they both share a very specific niche hobby that means traveling to somewhere that would mean a lot to them both – like are they both crazy about mountain climbing and the vacation is a tip to fucking Everest??

    Like you, I'm so fucking confused about the logic and priorities here.

    I just can't fathom a profession where a new guys waltzes in, says he's in love with a coworker, and then they laugh it off and…go on vacation together while the coworker's husband is at home with their kids? Like? What is this?

    She doesn't even know this dude. She doesn't know if he can be trusted alone in fuck knows where.

    If this was a guy she'd known for a couple years or something, then hey, sure, maybe a one-on-one weekend vacation would make sense…but a new coworker? Who said he loves her?

    And wants to go on a holiday specifically without her partner?

    What in the fuck is this?

  5. It’s a choice. He’s made his. He knows what is important to him.

    She also has to make a choice. She has to make the right one for her and accept the tradeoffs.

    What does, you, worrying about fault change?

  6. The throwing stuff away is not ok.

    But guys are allowed to not ‘be in the mood’ at times. You need to respect his choice. This stuff doesn’t just apply to women. He shouldn’t have to fake a headache.

    Both of you need to work on communication and anger management.

  7. It's not up to you to decide his intentions (though I can assure you his intentions are creepy). If he were a complete moron who really had no idea, at the very least he needs a talking to by HR on appropriate behavior.

    Just report the facts as they are.


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